Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The pots disaprove

Bit of this
Oh there's the T V remote. Breakfast telly? I am turning into me mother. I flip it, met by a pan to the news desk whose star is having his face fixed by her in make up. Realizing half the nation is eyeing up this intimate moment he whips the script up shielding the show.

Then I discover Al Jazeera, it is a wonder to see the weather forecast. I want to watch this station all morning but the pots and pans are sending disapproving vibes out. I don the pinafore. (It is hard to override good early training, how boring of me).

A large red mug has appeared in the sink, with Big Red And Everywhere emblazoned in white on it. I can only think of buses. What can it mean?
Bit of that
A much more stirring sort of pinafore.


  1. I don't know what Big Red and Everywhere means, but sounds like I'd like the mug.

  2. I thought after I wonder if it could be red faces of our dishonest M P,s.
    They glare huge from the TV screen and surely must be red.