Thursday, 14 May 2009

Discoveries in the classroom and out and about

Bit of this
When I arrive all is quiet except for snuffling and squeaking from the class guinea pigs. I am hearten to discover they have been fed, Mrs A commander in chief of keeping absolutely everything together, is laid low. They rush out to devour tasty green leaves I have brought from home. It was interesting when we brought them the Asian T.A was horrified to think that we were installing piglets in the corner of the classroom.

The children notice a bad smell, we go on a smell hunt. The boss discovers the reason and we take action. 

Come home the long pretty way, and discovered a tiny Hamlet whose name I have only ever associated with a wood. It is a bit of England time forgot
Bit of that
I have just enjoyed his book Submarine, it was light, breezy with pace. Not everyone cup of tea though.

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