Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Smirk, soap and stars

Bit of this
He has just advertised a music mag on the morning show, but it is quickly followed by "other music monthlies are also available" in a lower voice. Wondering if this is a bit of rebellion the face smirks.  

Forgotten  soaps are stashed by the radiators, A lovely smell wafts my way, as their warmth seeps from them to me. 

Quietly he makes a place in front of him at the check out for a frail old man. He has a silver stud in his eyebrow, I think of silver stars that were handed out at school. I mentally slap one on him now.
Bit of that
I do like a bit of rebellion


  1. this,

    I've often found that people with aggressive appearance, tattoos, piercings, goth wear, often are very sweet people. Camouflage?

  2. Have come to same conclusion. Will add hoodies to that list.
    Camouflage. have pondered and wonder why we feel threatened by afore said gear.Perhaps it is the conformists that wear the camouflage. now there's something I hadn't thought before.