Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Farces and fun

Bit of this
Irritation fired but is superseded by sodding shoulder, and I no longer attach significance. Humor slides out. He is having a breakfast time temper-tantrum. Here is someone that abuses his body regularly, with all sorts of substances, but who won't touch bacon fresh from the freezer! 

We walk down a hill and up a hill, onto a disused railway track and into a wood. There are badger sets, rabbit holes, large fungi and best of all a steep bank to scramble down. Well tis steep if you are only 5. Followed by a picnic in the old school grounds, lots of running and laughing plus a trip around a lovely old church. And no one gets lost.

Whippet and I come across 2 lambs and their mum that have escaped from god's acre, nibbling on delicious shoots of corn. Farmer Rex's appears. We enter into a farce trying to round them up. At one point thier friends look across the river with worried expressions. I cannot see. Are they about to leap in. No they make there way back onto the bridge. Now I assume a worried look and think of Acupulco. But gentle persuasion, plus Rex and dog guarding the only other escape route, encourages them down beside the river, back up into their field for tea and a bit of sympathy from their friends. I leave Rex hunting in his dilapidated land-rover for"hammer and nails". 
Bit of That
Rex was not dancing for joy last week when 2 geese and 7 sheep dog puppies were nicked.


  1. Bad shoulders are about as bad as pain gets. My sympathies.

  2. thanks for sympathies, I offer you virtual tea.