Sunday, 31 May 2009

Living in the fast lane and the royal wave

Bit of this
The boy black bird was waiting for his breakfast. I watch fascinated as he pops as many currants as possible in. Scooting off to the bare earth he drops them and is either rearranging his scoop or rolling them about a bit to collect dust for some unknown reason before coming back for another lot. When absolutely no more can be rammed in he flies of.  

It's not until I turn down the drive that I member the horses, a tiny foal curled up and dozing. A private chapel is part of the estate with huge carved memorials and the tiniest marble alter. um! I am here along with 101 others wandering around a garden that I want to camp out in. It is so big I manage to find a quiet corner by a lake to sit and ponder why the gnats are dashing about with no apparent purpose. And if they live life in the fast lane is it a short and sweet one?  
Oh my gawd there I am topless in the bedroom and farmer Rex raises his hand in manner of royal wave from his beat up land-rover. I hope it wasn't at me, being a bachelor well over 60 who has lived with his mum all his life, the shock could be huge.
Bit of this
And there she was belting it out on the radio. She is funny even if not to your taste. 

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