Monday, 1 June 2009

Colors of the day

Bit of this
I can almost hear whippet groan when he flops down with a bored expression. I have seen a dazzle of damselflies. There is something hypnotic about the colors, dashes of iridescent blue and gold zooming over the nettles. Out comes the hand bag camera and I am away with the fairies. 

Mrs T is struggling, I know because of her color and the fact she does not tick me off when I whizz around her work tops with the vim, saying "I can do those leave me something to do". I think what would cheer me up, sparkly things. So I apply much elbow grease to all the silver bits I can find. She cheers up during the morning and has enough energy to rant about the state of the world, I leave her writing a long letter waiting for her dinner to cook and listening to pop music.

I see a red elastic band and forgive the postie on account of unfailing cheerfulness and kindlyness to old age pensioners.
Bit of this

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  1. Happy June Day to you as well...
    Summer is nigh, did you hear the sun sigh?