Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Day, driving and welcome

Bit of this
Sharp air, cloudless sky with wind that conjures up the promise of a dragons breath of a day. 

5 year old girl expertly driving a go cart with the book in one hand, she has been clutching the entire morning, pushed by a mate. They have a milk crate on the back. "This is my map it shows me where to go". It's better than a mobile phone I suppose. I don't quibble about road safety, but I do wonder as things have become bonkers in education wether the school inspector might.

The night time digs must have finished. They have excavated a village complex under the light moon. The arcish bound as it scoots to the front door is the first sign of life that I have seen. Welcome I whisper. I hope they did their research this is a popular dog walk, the children hang out by the stream, and one of the entrances is so exposed if you have your eye in. Even so I am delighted to have the badger family move into our neighborhood, but will the estate owner I wonder?
Bit of that

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