Wednesday, 17 June 2009

just another day

Just the thing to see with a camera in tow not a whippet. 2 deer taking a early morning stroll down the track towards us.

I throw a kiss to Jammy and he throws one back to me. But I catch his sparkle, enthusiasm and energy as well and take through the door into work.

I am feeling less than my best. Lack of food I think. So goodies from M&S sneaked into Costa for a sit down and cappuccino, still feeling no better I wonder if I could get energy by applying the Delilah theory in reverse. Taking action I swan into the most expensive joint in town and hey presto I get handsome Italian with a twinkle in his eye and a drop dead gorgeous smile. Plus half an hour of head titivation, which I promptly wreck by going home and taking a nap. Even when I have re-fluffed it man about the house fails to notice. Hey man this is a 30 quid hair do not my usual 8 pound job. Ar twas worth it though just for the handsome Italian.
Bit of that

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