Monday, 15 June 2009


Bit of this
I am glad I made time to stand and stare at the tall red heads in next doors garden, for by lunch time the whole lot have been beheaded by wind and rain.

As I punch it in I think, Oh bugger this is a mobile number. 2 minutes into the conversation I don't care. He is knowledgeable and passionate about his job and we go off at a tangent. I come off the phone inspired and fired. What a piece of luck.

Man about the house says "come and look". The boy has come up with an old push bike to dismantle for bits. I gape. He got it from the blonds dad and it is a state of the art beast.  M A H can't believe his luck especially as full suspension is a desired feature in advancing years. It will replace the old bone shaker. (and I ponder, for this paints a graphic picture of the man I have yet to meet).
Bit of that
Surface tension  Result of face-lift

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