Monday, 8 June 2009

Seedings, saving time and spending it

Bit of this
Seedlings or weedlings? Seedlings! 

She still lives by the clock. "I shall do me ironing at 11 o clock". I glance at her neatly folded pile. Even at the pinnacle of my domestic goddess phase I never ever iron knickers, tea towels and dusters! In fact I don't get the iron out from 1 month to the next sometimes. Just think how much time I will have saved if I live to be 91!

I spend it reading mostly. My new book is claustrophobic like a well crafted cage, I carry the atmosphere around, so another runs alongside. 
Bit of that
The cellist of Sarajevo fiction based on fact. It has the unexpected bonus of making me count my blessings.


  1. I loved that book. Very good. It does make you very grateful we are not at war.

  2. My mother ironed all the clothes, but never the sheets or towels. I was tasked to iron my father's handkerchiefs.

    I iron rarely, and as little of the item as necessary.