Sunday, 7 June 2009

Somewhere dfferent

Bit of this
We leave the rain behind and unexpectedly arrive in sunshine. The forecast is dire for the weekend, so we whip out the barbecue and relax while the goings good. And despite the weather man the sun continues to shine on us.

Lupins and pink roses pretty up the toy town station. Man about camper van heads off over a piece of waste ground. I'm well-aware that this is wrong but am a sod for looking behind things. I want to see what's under the arches. So I keep quiet, turning to see that half the train has followed. I'm always amazed at the fact people follow the apparently confident (or plain bad temper on this occasion)  when unsure. A mugs game I have discovered and now so have they!

Our unfailing ability to get lost means we always wander where the commercial blends and disappears into the bare bones of the a place. Often walking miles off the beaten track. The gem of the day is stumbled across as we walk through iron gates. For me time stops. I follow paths through tall grasses and wild flowers. I am now hunting for tokens of love and loss with the camera. There is a tribute to a free mason complete with carved secret symbols, often words have worn away over time, some times they leap out with unexpected expressions. The simple rub shoulder with elaborate. Most impressive of these is a tall angel dedicated to someone's affianced. And then I see her hidden between trees. I try to capture expression,curve, folds and texture the craftsman has hewn to create her. I am so long that man about camper-van is forced to find a bench and later I find him reading. I have been in heaven and I like to think so have they. 
Bit of that
A near imperceptible alteration to the networks now much reduced services.                


  1. Some places cannot be reached, save by getting lost.

  2. you just have to be open to the possibilities.