Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Things that fly

Bit os this
There is a gathering of gliders soaring above the village, six of them catching the same thermal. Their wings are so long and thin they look fragile.  

I hear humming. A swarm, or an energetic hoover. A swarm around a chimney pot. I wonder if they are the bees that belong to the lad in the gate house.

They appear from behind a row of houses. A small red spaniel, a blue lead and then a small dark boy who practically takes off behind her as she spots chickens. The lead breaks and 3 of us try to corner the dog. I soon realize though she is only chasing with no real evil intent. But whippet can't believe his luck as one hen slowly lurches towards him. The only feathers that fly are ones he nipped at as she past. Now I have a voice that when roused booms out like at fog horn. The small dog stops in her tracks and whippet is yanked back into line via his lead. One poor exhausted hen hides in the hedge and lives to tell the tale. 
Bit of that

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  1. Hi Den, Thank you for visiting my blog and i hope you noticed to visit my Graveyard Detective blog as well - it has more angels on it. This is my first visit to yours and I envy you your ability to write lyrically - great stuff!
    Best wishes