Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Whoops, and hangman

Bit of this
It's my lucky day. I bunny hop backwards missing next doors bin by inches. If he leaves my car in reverse one more time I am hiding the keys. 

It's not often one sees an AA rescue van towing a large black hearse. 

They have adjourned to the office. She is sat on the office chair feet tucked underneath, balancing a white board on her knee. He is a foot away on a low comfy chair facing. He is throwing out letter sounds and she is writing them down. Getting stuck for sounds he takes a letter game I offer and points to the tiny keys flipping each up to reveal an object to correspond with the letter, voicing the sound. They are playing hangman she tells me. They pick my brain occasionally but not often. Absorbed and engaged with their shared learning they enjoy this game for well over half an hour. And not a work sheet in sight.  
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