Sunday, 23 August 2009


Bit of this
Sensing action I look for a friendly face. Choosing the lad with the friendly cocker spaniel to ask. "World music here tonight". World music is was. With man about camper van displaying exemplary propping up statue qualities, while looking bored as I bob to Bhangra.

Next day, and miles from the center of town desperate for a pit stop, I swan into a state of the art car show room to use their state of the art facilities while him outside looks embarrassed.

Feeling relief I am now game to find the motor bike shop that was spotted earlier. By the time we find it, I have sore feet and am starving, so I adjourn to the coffee bar. The most delicious looking greasy plate of all things fried is about to be consumed by a biker. "I'll have one of those" I say. Surely I must have walked enough miles to justify all those calories.

More walking up hill and down dale to Arnos Vale where we should have been going all along. Getting it wrong worked to out advantage though. If we had come here first the druids grave wouldn't have been stumbled upon, as this is a days exploring in itself. After having a quick reccy we vow to make another trip. Then catch the bus back to town.

The bus breaks down so more weary trudging ensues. But suddenly I am kick started by adrenaline as a drama unfolds. Police and firemen and even persons in white suits and masks are in evidence. Every detour we try is tapped off and an old woman turns into a teenager while arguing the toss with a fresh faced copper as she tries to elbow past him, "Now" he says "you don't want to get blown up do you".

After supper we walk whippet townwards to check on the state of the unfolding drama that has obvouisly folded up without us ever knowing what happened. However to my delight, man about camper and whippets horror I spot skate boarders in the square. They are fed up I am in my element, well we just had to sit down for a rest a watch didn't we.

A good sleep later and before heading for home we assume Darby and Joan personas after dragging the deck chairs onto the key side to watch life and water float by. "I want to retire here" I sigh. Whippet who is lying on the blanket I brought to keep the knees warm and himself grunt unenthusiastically.
Bit of that
Arnos Vale for some
Bhangra for others. How any one can not bounce to this is a mystery to me.

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  1. Our original plan was a move to Bristol. I love this kind of thing within cities - museums, cemetaries, parks. Fab!