Thursday, 20 August 2009

Delights of a walk

Bit of this
It was so hot yesterday that whippet and I walked at dusk. Dawn or dusk I never can decide which is my favorite time of day. Without whippet to walk the temptation to vegetate would probably win out.

I would have missed an owl's screech hurling though the gloom at us and ...

The deer. Standing stock still and hunching below the sky, line it failed to register the threat. When it finally spotted us it was curious and hesitantly carried on. I was forced to rustle as the nearer it got the more whippet licked his lips. It turned and flashed it's white tail in haste back up the edge of the wheat field. All the time it had been gazing at whippet, who I when I think about it must look a bit deer like in the dark.
Bit of that
Idleness, though inexcusable, is man's true state. (or at least it is probably mine).
Jerome K Jerome

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