Sunday, 9 August 2009

Interesting place Cambridge

Bit of this
Never doing anything in a straight line, (not a very time effiecient way of living), throws interesting possibilities when going from A to B. Veering left on the pretence of a sit down, I am determined to suss out an interesting dome. It looks off limits but I sit on the wall anyway. Hey ho what's that, lost I.D card. Doing my good deed and aiming for reception I hand it over asking "can anyone wander in". Surprising me she says "yes". Man about the house is beckoned and assumes a pained expression, and off we wander eventually coming out through the back door and into the garden. Only now we are so off course we are lost. This however throws another bit of luck my way, for when asking for directions I am alerted to the fact that Wittenstein's grave is to be found there, I mistake this for Lickenstien however. Oh well you can't win them all. Trying to humor a now tired, hot and him of the aching feet, "cheer up" I say"you know you always end up in interesting places with me". And so he does.

Man about the house is in front so I drop pennies in a hat, and he gives me a "God Bless You".

Oh joy a Borders. All sorts of Magazines to flick though and today it is Stanley Gibbons stamp collectors job that attracts. I hunker down and become absorbed. And I am not the only one several of us are engrosses in the glossies. 4 lads are pouring over one from the mens interest's I notice. This is a great place to learn about all sorts on the hoof as it were.
Bit of that
Wandering we will go

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