Thursday, 6 August 2009

Ever 'opeful

Bit of this
Bred to go faster foals look out hopefully from under a tree for a pause in the pouring.

Sweeping the slabs, sloshing water, ignoring sodding shoulder, all clean and gleaming, worth the effort.

He whips of the towel to reveal inch wide strips of covered copper. I wondered why there were tasteful mobiles dangling above, I am not to lay on my front then. These are for my entertainment while he lifts legs, wraps more bands around me and tightens them curving my body into amazing shapes. It is hugely entertaining if a smidgen uncomfy. I snort in a most unladylike fashion when he has me sitting on the edge of the bed with bands around my chest and over my head pulling my neck down, he reprimands me, all I need is a bolt though my neck to complete the absurdity. I want him to take my picture, he will not. I can't believe I am doing this. I do however spot sweeties as I am about to leave and he gives me 2 in acknowledgment of "the child in you". I am very pro active in the quest for pain relief for sodding soulder I also do Pilates not nearly as much fun though.
Bit of that
Someone else gets pushed into amazing shapes.