Monday, 17 August 2009

sharing, Alburgh and compliment maybe?

Bit of this
One collard dove sits on the seat of the deck chair the other rests quietly beside her on the arm rest. (I keep an eye out for them when black cat is out and about rushing up the garden clapping an alert).

Listening to the radio reminds me of the delight of sharing the magical world, the Alburgh's created, with the children.

The only word that I hear sounds like "model". As a black car zooms past me from behind. Willfully interpreting this as a complement rather than a bit of sarcasm, preferring to think he was impressed by my figure and state of the art trousers. Wether or not he had a dismayed look on his face as he turned to face me I cannot say, tis the eyeses theses days you know. But I cheerfully wave and he waves back.
Bit of that

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