Tuesday, 18 August 2009

House by night and Oxford by day

Bit of this
Man about the house has restless legs but unlike some is fast asleep, I have restless energy so abandon ship. The radio glows 0.00am, and fills the air with Dvorak's new world, tension melts from my shoulders. I love being up when the house is silent and as the night ticks on the road out side is still too. By the time I go to bed at 2.00, I have done various chores and nearly finished my book.

Oxford calls and I don't resist, I discover how to get the blurry people with my handbag camera.

Delicious lunch at MOMA, after enjoying the Maplethorpe exhibition.
Bit of that

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  1. Mmmmm. i like a bit of peace as well.
    Thanks for your kind comments via my blog. Pure self indulgence mourning pets really but ... there you go ... can't help it.
    It's very soothing being awake in the dark, but knowing your loved ones are nearby but conveniently unconscious!!