Tuesday, 4 August 2009

That makes six

Bit of that
The new flat is bright and airy. She is thrilled and every so often leans forward to look out of the window.

The well loved picture has been hung in a place of honor and all her furry friends sit on a chair looking alert and friendly. She returns to them again and again commenting on how lovely they are.

I have been there a couple of hours when she asks, "How long have you been here den", seizing the opportunity to score brownie points "a week" I lie. She pauses "wow that flew by". Immediately I am wracked by guilt. Serves me right.

I take my mother to see her friend. When I return to pick her up the french fancies have been consumed along with tea and gossip. Joyce is slumped in the lowest of chairs, I am horrified remembering her effort when tottering down the corridor very frail and unsteady leaning heavily on her stick, How will she ever get up. Failing a rocket assisted booster seat she uses all her will and determination to lever herself out and upright, where upon she teeters backward and forward several times to steady herself. It is a truely amazing feat of mind over matter. I am reassured to see an alarm bleep around her neck as this is her favorite chair.

I am reminded of what the word fastidious means, I resolve to address my slovenly ways when I get home. I too will have unmarmited butter and warm plates. I feel perked up no end by their civilizing influences.

Sharing the bright spacious house is a pleasure. The uncluttered space and touching base with them is a breath of fresh air on both counts.

The shop is heaving with all ages intent on trawling through delights of the colorful beads, tempting fingers to fiddle, sift and search, eventually sorting money from purses to purchase their treasures. One bored blond teenage lad sits looking on. I leave empty handed but infused with color and a lifting of spirits. There was something magical about all those tiny splashes of color.
Bit of that

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