Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Youngsters and catch up

Bit of this
A lad of about 9 is cleaning their village phone box.

Mum swims by with 3 ducklings, smartly followed by a pure white chap who races along the bank, and is the odd man out among his brown feathered family. Finding a brick wall blocking the way he dithers and squeaks at the waters edge eventually plopping in to catch a waiting mummy duck up.

Enjoyable day catching up, sharing food and visual treats. She points things out from the exhibition with her trained eye that would have been missed. But declines to experience the sleep pods with me. I leave with a better appricaiation of portatuire, sparky ideas from the surrealist gallery and the warm glow of friendship.
I noticed smallest number 3 had stuck to my hand, how odd I leave it on for luck.
Bit of that
Dream Director Sleepovers

Sat 29 and Sun 30 August, 8pm - 9am

This is a unique opportunity for you to spend the night at Compton Verney whilst letting artist Luke Jerram direct your dreams. Spend the night in a sleep pod, where you wear an eye mask that detects your eye movements whilst you sleep. The pod will respond and play ambient sounds designed to trigger and influence dreams. The experiment ends over breakfast, where you get to write a dream diary about your experience.

To participate you must be over 18 and not suffer from any kind of sleep disorders including excessive snoring. You must also agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • That confidential data gathered during event about your experience may be used to contribute to research and be presented at scientific meetings or used for educational purposes. Each participant's data will be coded and kept anonymous.
  • That photographs and or video of the event, before and after (not during the night) will be taken and may be used for publicity, science presentation or education purposes.
  • That the organisers have the right to ask you to withdraw from the event if you are disturbing others during the sleepover.

All participants will be sent a discalimer to sign once they have booked their tickets, this must be returned to us before you can participate in the event.

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