Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bit of this
Wandering in a world of his own while his carer chats to a friend as they trawl the shopping centre. I hunker down, he is with in feet of me when his face lights up. "I've found you" taking hold of my hand "come with me". I wish I could. This child's zest and enthusiasm would make a fortune should it be bottled.

A laugh out loud moment. Seen on a T-shirt "fat bikers bounce better".

Full moon tonight the gravitational pull is increasing, the pressure is rising, I am told. Time for lots of deep breathing and knitting then. He thinks. I am always more energetic and positive when the moon is full.
Bit of that
throat singing as heard on the ipod.

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  1. Howwwwwwl!!!! Just make sure you're back inside before the sun comes up!!