Monday, 11 January 2010

Bit of this
Her face changes completely to assume the air of a disdainful queen. "Well I waved a couple of times, and she cut me, so I ignore her now". Even her nose is stuck in the air.

Last nights work in progress stands tall. The family finished him by street light. He is propped up against the manor wall, has a fetching hat, a surprised expression, brought on no doubt by a hobby horse stuck between his legs.

"Come and look as next doors", she whispers, we tip toe past the window and there at the top of the garden is a beautiful sculptured woman and ideal play mate for snow man. Both are true works of art.
Bit of that
Spoilsport of the year:
Beth Warburton, an American publisher, who stopped her authors claiming expenses for private planes, colour consultants, wives, girlfriends, limos and cocaine ("even if you do get sleepy on book tour").
Literary Life 2009

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