Sunday, 10 January 2010

Bit of this
I come across a lad of about 20 walking up the hill towards me. He looks like the boy with his penetrating eyes starring out from underneath his hoodie. When I smile and speak he says "I don't speak English" and shrugs.

Keeper of lord of the manors racehorses tells me latter there are several Polish people working the estate. This comes as a welcome surprise.

Theo and whippet cross paths and we all continue our walk together. As a result I am out for hours, and have lots of interesting thoughts dancing around due to our chit chat. As I step into the house I sense sulking from upstairs. Backed up by cupboard doors open, half the pantry all over the table and worse abandoned culinary delights. "What couldn't you find" I ask. Humor is needed to get him from his corpse like pose on the bed and back into action. It was worth when I sat down to lunch though. Oh how we all suffer for his art this was the second sulk of the week.
Bit of this

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