Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bit of this
The Ipod has just died, as luck would have it one of my Library books is Ipods for Dummies. The trouble shooting instructions may as well be in Chinese but man about the house translates them perfectly and is rewarded with a tiny apple.

Don't cry now, says the mother to the blond dot in pink. She trails after her 2 brothers sniffing and rubbing her eyes pathetically. Sensing they are all immune to emotional blackmail she shakes her blond head and stamps her foot furiously.

Sometimes I feel alarmingly close to the ground. The first time I experienced this was my college days tripping around Birmingham. At the time I put it down to being enclosed by tall buildings and feeling like a tiny ant. The move to a city was a culture shock to say the least. Every so often the sensation returns, to day I wonder if I have shrunk with age.
Bit of that

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