Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bit of this
Yesterday I decided an outing might fan any spark of lingering enthusiasm for life. I didn't give myself time to sink in a tired and despondent heap after walking whippet. I grueled my way around Leamington feeling detached. I kept seeing opportunities but couldn't find the energy to step over the sodding shoulder and engage.

Today for half an hour the pain was managable and I to my utter suppriise I felt 10 years younger. I found a bit of me that I had thought had disappeared for ever. This filled me with hope and carried me through the day.

She has a musical voice and tells us her mother was a professional singer. She is using her own creative talents to run courses in the wonderfully light and airy studio where the sheep peer in and the view magical. The mate and I think self hypnosis might be fun. And I also fancy learning to use the peg loom that was lurking in a corner.
Bit of that
The monkey business illusion a test of perception.


  1. And the parrot, too. Brilliant!
    But I'm sorry about the shoulder.

  2. OK I confess I am not very observant. What parrot?
    Thanks, but best not to commiserate about the shoulder, am trying to remember ST Benedict so moderate my mutterings. Sympathy will set me off on some!!!!
    I shall not rest till I know where the parrot is.