Monday, 22 November 2010

Bit of this
I have put things in boxes, class lists to be precise.

Now this is an achievement, for one so computer illiterate.

Rex's waifs and strays are becoming very brave or very hungry they are woofing tea before I have nipped back inside. Common sense tells me to stop. Basic mathematics cautions. Mummy puss has 4 kittens, how many by next summer? I wonder. I do hope man about the house manages to keep his job for their sake!
Bit of that
plus a waif


  1. A sweet little waif, but with the breeding potential of.....well, stray cats?
    Could the RSPCA catch and sterilise do you think? Or could you get them in one of your boxes?

  2. Have considered one of my boxes.
    Don't hold out much hope getting technical support from RSPCA, I tried them a few years ago when dear neighbor Bud had families of their ancestors pop along for tea. Alas he is no more, I should have known better than to start. But when I found a black kitten with his head stuck in an empty cat food tin, I was sunk.
    There was some sort of epidemic that wiped the farm yard moggies out to a cat, This was a go it alone puss who had moved to a shed just up the road.
    Action will have to be taken though I fear.

  3. I'd have been sunk, too with little moggie head stuck in an empty tin.
    Cats' Protection? Or Worcester Animal Rescue, Malvern, who will take in cats for rescue?
    Life is hard.
    Since my old dog died I'm innunaded with requests to take on another oldie to die in comfort. Whatch this space........