Saturday, 20 November 2010

Bit of this
Not a silver lining but a white one. Not one to mope man about the house has picked up a paint brush until fate decides what comes next. (I didn't like to point out the house resembles NHS waiting room). Job lots cannot be turned down.

Thank the lord he learnt to read. He has powered is way though several library books.

And we have rediscovered the Simpsons. Who wants to immerse themselves in teatime gloom news, when Hommers take on life is so much more entertaining.
Bit of this
When I read the first line I just had to buy Read me out loud. Worth every penny.
"Are you sure there are no people"
sobbed the poltergeist in fright,
from The Lightmare
Thank goodness I too paid enough attention at school to learn to read.


  1. The Simpsons will be a good antidote to the hours and hours and hours about That Engagement!

  2. I have only managed to catch a couple of seconds of it.
    One of those made me snigger.
    What a burke to predict it would last 7 years!