Monday, 17 January 2011

Bit of this
Man about the house more is getting sluggish and I need diversion from the grueling, a bike ride is in order. As we puff around the sun peeks out and the mileometer registers 222 miles. It has taken me from September to get this far but I have done it!

What a difference a throb makes. The last stretch is peddled as fast as the legs can turn. As I rush home for a fix of this.File:Tens.jpgHowever I am not optimistic. It has been over used, and cannot be turned up any higher.

Hey presto within minutes I can breath and feel human again. The head clears the body straightens only to be bent over an hour latter a tiding the garden. I have a glorious couple of hours and fill the bin with surplus flower pots. I have the energy to make a mental note to track down a way to recycle them. It has been weeks and weeks since I had any sort of spring in my step.
Bit of that


  1. Now THAT'S what I call entertainment (Bill and Ben, not the Tens machine)!
    The Tens machine sounds magical. Will it work for sciatica, do you know?

  2. Thank you, Den. I went out and bought one. It works for sciatica!