Thursday, 8 April 2010

Bit of this
Heard but not seen, his new born experimentation with voice mixed with the clatter of delivery room noise to enter my being settle with a sigh of gratitude.

I didn't know until he was in my arms that the ferocity of the universes darkness and light weighed seven pounds fifteen ounces.

He open his eyes, gazed up, and frowned before his lids fluttered closed again. All he is and will be shone out a myriad of stories yet untold.
Bit of that
Life is exciting, splendid, ruthless, uncertain, exquisitely beautiful sometimes to be endured, sometimes to be savored and sipped before spitting back the un palatable, above all if possible to be danced though with light creatively empathetic steps.
The world is beautiful
you must know where to look
I look where it is
(Alice Sommer - nazi survivor)
We must teach him where to look