Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Screeches seeds and treats

Bit of this
Whippet is so shocked by the screech a potential playmate makes he forgets to bark his welcome. I am also taken aback, you could use the noise for a rape alarm so piercing is it. Sensing no threat, she comes back to make eyes at our boys.

Outside with hands in compost, I vow to be more methodical and with the labeling. The thing is I will never know what they are if the slugs go on the rampage.

We finally get to the pub next door for lunch for our joint birthday treat. The bar maid tells us she is an anthropologist! 

Bit of that
In the beginning was the word.
And the word was "Aardvark".
(the graffiti file)

Monday, 30 March 2009

Exercise and hello

Bit of this
The first thing I see is a huge cigar and curling smoke. The captain is off for his constitutional.

The ball beckons me. I practice my dribbling skills, as I claim it from the gutter, and head for home.

She is just saying hello to her 2 new borns. Carefully licking each one in turn, sensing me she looks across the brook. Soon 1 is inching forward on front knees but quickly stops for a rest. She now focus her efforts on this one. The lamb after unsuccessful attempts on shaky legs stands for a fleeting moment. It's not long before it wobbles under her legs seeking nourishment. Now she tenderly encourages it's twin. As I bike away their tails are doing what tails do when they are happy, and they are busy guzzling. Although I have lived in the countryside all my life, this is the first time I have been witness to such a miracle. I felt if I had a tail, it would be wiggling like mad too! It was definitely worth getting the bike out.

Bit of that

Sunday, 29 March 2009


Bit of this
There s a sign on the village notice board "chickens found at the pub". I wonder if they belong to the new lad in the gate house. I saw his girls going for a long walk the other day.

It jogs my memory to the day when I saw the man at the pub evict a goat that had wandered in. Farmer Rex said she was searching all over the place for her stolen kid. His goats had perfected the art of nipping over the stye.

I watched some kind teenagers one day dropping tit bits encouraging a gang of piglets back to their field. These had been checking out the bus shelter. Rex has interesting happenings every so that keep me entertained. He is a dying breed. One man with an assortment of animals here and there.  

Bit of that
The grass is always greener.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bangs,bags and berries

Bit of this
The bird scarer has gone. I was always more startled than the odd trespassing pigeon.
This year a new beast of at thing had taken up residence in our favorite field. The noise seemed to punch a hole in the air that my heart fell into every time it fired.

He comes in with a posh carrier bag, slops upstairs and reappears wearing brilliant white trainers. ? he grunts "their for the gym" I nearly fall off me chair!

The new cook book provides a yummy tea, and I taste allspice berries for the first time.

Bit of that

Friday, 27 March 2009

Get away

Bit of this
I come across an old frail very determined thief, pushing a supper market trolley full of booty. She had already walked a good mile in search of supplies and looked nearly done in. But what was really bothering me was the fact she was heading towards the top of the steepest hill in town. The very hill I was catching my breath from as I spotted her. I nearly offered assistance, but was afraid she would bop me on the head for interfering.
But what happened when said trolley picked up speed at the top of the hill?
My only consolation being, we were only yards away from A and E.
Make a great cartoon if I could only draw.
I shall tune into local radio for any possible incident.

Bit of  that
Something small 

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Food and princes

Bit of this
The jackdaws are breakfasting, efficient beaks searching one of farmer Rex's blue looking cows, for tasty parasites.

"I am a princess wot needs a prince" she says. I know how she feels!

Exploring my new cook book and finding lots of "try me" recipes beckoning. I find a use for the free school vouchers and ear mark "to have a go" pages.

Bit of that


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Green, chat, giggles

Bit of this
The bushes by the roundabout look as if someone has taken a fine paintbrush and dabbed tiny spots of lime green among the dark twigs.

We sit by he pond a peaceful five minutes chatting. Rare moments uninterrupted by others. Soon his finger is better and he jumps to his feet eager to join his friends.

He arranges the white starched bib assertively, I get the giggles. This is surely a taste of things to come. I am also given googles! Will sparks fly then I enquire as he advances saying open wide.

Bit of that
I meet a left handed man in the waiting room. He is a poet he tells me.
Copy and paste into Google link misbehaving!
Tis famous left handers.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Awake and dinnertime

Bit of this
I wake at five. How wonderful I have another hour in bed. I make tea and start a new book. 

The washing is on the line before 7.00, and dry when I get home.

He stands with a lambs 2 front feet hooked over his arm, my eyes travel up the length of it's body, where I see a look of pure contentment and half closed eyes as it sucks from a babies bottle.

Bit f that
And the angel said unto the shepherds "shove off" 
this is cattle country".
(little book of graffiti)

Monday, 23 March 2009

Listening and overcrowding

Bit of this
The radio is now tethered to it's fancy ariel, I find reasons to stay close.  The kettle is scoured as words scatter like shards of glass, disrupting the pain by shifting the focus. For sanity lies in diversion. 

The petunia seedling are all pricked out now. I don't have to worry about overcrowding anymore.

I stand and watch a red tin bounce down the road. I love the noise it creates, changing its pace in time to the wind.

Bit of that
It is amazing how many kettles singing videos utube has.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Appearances and alternative lifestyle

Bit of this
Fragile looking rocket seeds have appeared. I am always surprised they have the strength to push through the earth.

Steak for lunch in a fancy sauce, and I didn't do a thing toward it's appearance. Man about house has excelled.

Colorful reflections of barges on still water. Creative little plots have been eked out alongside. There seems to be a thriving community there in the middle of nowhere.

Bit of that
The end of a friendship
Come to terms with the undeniable truth
that a friend is only an enemy you haven't upset yet.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Toast, haunting moment.

Bit of this
It won't take you long to eat breakfast, he harumphs. You reckon, I sit down with a large pot of tea and the book amazing myself as I much toast.

He has his bacon butty when we get there, I have carrot cake, and all before 10.00.

A fragment of sound seeps into the street, from behind a closed door. I close my eyes immersing myself, trying to identify. A cello, is someone practicing? It is a beautiful but haunting interlude.

Bit of this
Well look at that, could have had breakfast delivered!
This has to be a joke' right?

Friday, 20 March 2009

Friendship and bugs

Bit of this
Footsteps softly thumping on bare floor boards signal a good-morning purr and snuggle are on their way.

I don't recognize the grey haired man on the ladder. When he turns our eyes sparkle in recognition. Memories flood back of a small boy in short trousers. Our childhoods seems only a backward glance away.

Flash of iridescent green. A bug lands on the Rhubarb leave. A tiny jewel.

Bit of that

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Early morning and tidy up time

Bit of this
At 4 o'clock I open the window to listen to a solitary bird serenading the stars.

It is a triumphant punch the air start. My library books have finally come to light.

He stands with dust pan in hand looking at the sand. "Those bits there won't come to me" he says Pointing at the product of enthusiastic play.

Bit of that
Heartfelt thanks gratitude expressed
when employees accept redundancy without making a fuss.
 (Dictionary For Our Time)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

activity and chatter

Bit of this
I am flagging. The phone rings, friendly encouragement dissolves my lethargy. I find a new lease of life and rush off to evening class. Not too tired to learn after all then.

Sitting outside M&S all in black with a slash of red covering her head. She looks up from her mobile phone, our eyes meet. They meet again 2 hours latter, phone still glued to her ear. I give her a thumbs up and we laugh. She is so young and I wonder if she has a job.

The headmaster says "there has been allot of frog on frog activity", we all make for the pond. WOW an explosion of frogspawn. Although the children and I search, we find no adult frogs!  

Bit of this
One cannot now a link. One is fed up. One is going to cheer oneself up wiv chocolate. However I find you can copy and paste
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQO8xGV-9So into Google, and it will take you to a froggy song. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

All grown up, blossom, lovely language

Bit of this
There she goes in her funky car. I am blessed to have been part of her growing up. Andrews best friend. Seeing her throws loss into focus, past and present clash together. Grief for the "might have been" sadness for a life not being lived by another.  

There are clouds of blossom brightening the verge.

Discussing mothers day card. "I will put her in my head, then in my card" he says.

Bit of this
Procrastinate now don't put it off. 

Monday, 16 March 2009

stitches birds and blue

Bit of this
I sit and knit, enjoying the sun on my face. I knit until the children pull up in cars to start school. I drop stitches and practice picking them up again. But latter when I check there are five extra. Thank goodness the sox have changed to leg warmers! It is unbelievable that I am descended from a champion sock knitter. 

I clean out the door seal, pulling a tiny back bead from the sludge of a hundred washes. But in the daylight it turns out to be a beautiful shot in the arm sort of blue. It catches my eye from the windowsill as I wash the pots.

When I arrive Mrs T has not got round to feeding the birds. I know this because as I move toward the gate, the robin flies to the post and looks me straight in the eye. It was so close I could have touched it, and the minute I appear at the slide door, to look out, so does a blackbird to look in.

Bit of this
One thing you can't recycle is wasted time.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Early morning and new neighbor

Bit of this
The alarm goes off by mistake,  I lay absorbed in radio 4, and watch the room lighten, a shadow forms that speaks of mysterious doorways.
I am bleary eyed and it takes me a minute to rationalize the surreal sight I encounter as I open the window. A small blue brush is gliding up and down. The lean to roof is undergoing a spring clean. We have both have a shock, and laugh together.

My curiosity is satisfied, when I meet a young man who has moved into the gate house. It needs lots of TLC and he will bring life to the empty plot. I am glad we have a new member to our neighborhood. His 2 hens eye us from their enclosure, and he has a small new axe which he uses to chop wood from the fallen branches opposite.

Bit of this
Hook Norton Ale reaches parts Heineken daren't mention.
(graffiti file)  

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Relaxation,radio's and blowyness

Bit of this
I open the door, she is flopped where the warm of the sun touches the duvet. Scooping her up, I join her for a few delicious stolen moments from my busy morning.

My dab radio has been temperamental since I unceremoniously snapped of it's ariel. It is my window on the world. Man about house does a wonderful job fixing me another. Reception is clear as a bell. I celebrate by listening to the afternoon play.

The fresh bright blowy day has dried 3 loads of washing. And ruffled the long-tits and their  feathers.

Bit of that
Early to bed
A poor evening on television
(Dictionary for our time)
not me I am going to knit!

Friday, 13 March 2009

misses stitchery and spring

Bit of this
I check the date for the exhibition, instead of a visual feast of color, texture and tiny stitches, I had anticipated. I have the pleasure of a bit of creativity of my own, melting, stirring and mixing, I feast on home made chocolate and cinnamon mud pie instead.  

I spot the first violets in an untidy corner of the garden. They are a legacy from nanny, and have been colonizing the garden for years.

The spring lambs are in kick heel mood, and show curiosity in whippet gazing through the gate. An energetic black one does an impressively high leap and looks amusingly skittish with his long tail. It is fascinating to watch them play and race around. The black ones charge and weave about the field outclassing the cream jobs by miles.

Bit of that
I am taken by the enterprising spirit, as I come across Rent-A-Frock, of course it just had to be called "girl meets dress". What else. 

Thursday, 12 March 2009

love lunch and a crunch

Bit of this
We catch up over a delicious lunch. To my shame I manage to tuck away a huge chocolate brownie ice cream affair. We exercise this off, we like to think, by walking around the reservoir. 

2 cars have had an argument. Traffic is slowing to pass. A women sits holding a toddler, people are milling. The lorry in front stops for a milli second and hands a green fluorescent jacket through the window. She puts it on and immediately stands tall directing us all past.

I have found a way to say I love you. I draw a heart in the dust. Latter I notice it has been rubbed out. But what he doesn't know is, the heart remains outlined in the grease from my finger, unseen.

Bit of that
Meetings are things
where minutes are kept
and hours are lost.
(say's some book somewhere)


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

shadows, sheep and mistaken shenanigans

Bit of this
Long stick shadows and their cars glide over the brow and down the hill. Sedately we all trundle. We are on a conveyor belt, I become mesmerized. 

I look again 2 middle aged helpers appear to be sharing an aerosol as they walk through the gate. When they get closer I see they are not sniffing gas to ease the day, but have just nipped off site for a fag and it's breath freshener!

My lovely new chicken tea cosy is keeping my birthday freesia bulbs dark and snug.

Bit of that
Kept me amused for a bit.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Bit of this
A red felt tip drawing adorns my fridge. "That's your eyes" she says. I have a row all across my forehead. Very perceptive of this four year old as "and in the back of my head too" springs to mind.

I catch sight of soft toy that looks very much like a giraffe curled up, but with front legs dangling, on top of the overhead projector. It is so unexpected and out of place it keeps me smiling all morning.

I feel very nurtured and blessed with friends and family who have helped me celebrate my birthday, and the ginger cake I made to take in to work was a success. The icing on my particular cake was getting added to 3BT roll of honor today.

Bit of that
My challenge is to seize control and move out of the way to avoid getting sat on.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Tea, postie and the fox

Bit of this
For a minute I fail to recognize the tall man walking down he road toward me, from his lope and the time of day I realize it's my favorite teenager clutching a white mug of tea. I love it. My first smile of the day.

The long slender nose followed by smooth flowing legs and a chestnut tail. He runs with ease across the farm track failing to see us. From nose tip to tail end the biggest fox I have seen for a long while.

Another postie is checking in on Mrs T telling her the regular will be back soon. A young man who fills me in on my missing postman. It would be interesting to know how many good deeds postmen do up and down the country. I never knew. Small unsung acts. It gives me great heart.

Bit of that
Worth hanging on to
All passenger-rails in moving "Hoppa" buses.
(Dictionary For Our Time)
Thinking of "worth hanging onto"things, it would be nice to hang on to our postal service wouldn't it? not that I know sod all about it really.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

The powers that be and tv

Bit of this
The smile of surprise when I appear at the window a day early.

Man about house and his side kick are annoyed. Rubbish is not permitted to be taken to the tip in a van without a permit.People sometimes, apparently drive van to tip, also load a trailer pulled by an acceptable car, and make several journeys from just outside dump transferring rubbish from one to t'other. No help to us at all. Part of me thinks this hugely funny, bureaucracy gone bonkers. But it is an inconvenience. Stuff is carted over 100 mies back to nice accommodating Oxfordshire tip. However this does work to our advantage because some precious things that have been put in the wrong pile are discovered.

Get back just in tme to watch a much looked forward to tv program that surpasses all expectations.

Bit of this
The discovery of a knockout photographer via t.v.

Birds an circles

Bit of this
The sun quickly reveals it's  full glorious fiery all shape, the speed with which it climbs suggests an impatience to start it's day.  

Footprints on frosted grass I turn and make a pattern walking around and around in ever tighter circles, getting a tad dizzy. Standing at the centre, to face to sun, I relax for a minute in still meditation. All the time aware of the pigeon calling "my toe bleeds betty".

Watching a small salmon pink breasted chaffinch, right next to me on my window sill, working hard to release the goodie from inside a seed case. It's beak seems too fragile for the job required.

Bit of that

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Brand newness

Bit of this
I stoop to pick the smallest of the ivy leaves from the ground and notice heart shaped leaves and perfect miniature stinging nettles. Everywhere underfoot newness.
Warm sun with a whip of cold wind, I suddenly want to shed outer layers and expose my skin to the  coldness hoping to sooth my back. Aware of the fright I may give other walkers, I compromise and now sit here, a cool caressing wind blowing through the window.

From nowhere a bright pink fairy with purple tights and pink shoes runs around the old manor wall corner, her dark curly hair bouncing in her wake.

Bit of that
Sandra's seen a leprechaun,
Eddie touched a troll,
Laurie danced with witches once,
Charlies found some goblin's gold,
Donald heard a mermaid sing,
Susy spied an elf,
But all the magic I have know
I've had to make myself.
( Shel Silverstein)
And here's a nod to a friend who sings this better!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Friendliness and dust

Bit of this
Running my index finger gently over the grey ash reducing the small cylindrical remnants of an incense stick to a smooth fine dust that I blow out of the bedroom window.

They banter and chat with us all, seeming to do 6 things at once, my square orange box is retrieved quickly and I am on my way. And I learn the small remote shaped box is the control for the air con unit.

I am welcomed home with a low friendly bark as I put the key in the lock.

Bit of this
Chill out with this optical illusion.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Hangover housework heron

Bit of this
Mist rising from the lake. Silently it seems, a heron takes to the air flapping large rounded wings, slowly so slowly, the tips hardly clearing the water. I have the perfect view as it flies straight ahead, dropping down upstream to resume fishing.  

Son at home with black eye and hangover. I shamelessly use this to my advantage. I now have shinny clean car and bin full of garden rubbish. But NO explanations.

I am learning. As I dart around with the hoover I notice safety pins, investigating further I discover a way to keep tastefully arranged cushions in place. 

Bit of that
Nervous breakdowns are hereditary-
we get them from our children.
(The graffiti File)

Sunday, 1 March 2009

tidying and tar

Bit of this
I am fascinated by how many vehicles and men in fluorescent jackets have appeared to tar mac a small piece of road. Small highway holding pen has sprouted up in the neighborhood. Baby road rollers are the coolest of these. Driven by men who think they are at Silverston.

Thousands of tiny Buddleia seeds shower down and make me sneeze, and I find 2 tiny pink buds of I know not what.

Not one thing falls out of the cupboard as I quickly open the door and ram the carpet sweeper in.

Bit of that
It is 6p.m and the blackbird is singing his head off.