Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thing appeared and something disappeared

Bit of this
5 beautiful saucer shaped pale blue flowers to brighten my day, due to a morning glory seed that I never thought was going to germinate.

The sun shines and I go in search of an ice-cream, and find they have whipped the lovely slide out of the playground.

Farmer Rex has moved donkey's into the field , the baby is in high spirits, ears back, dashing about executing tight curves and kicking his back legs in a miniature buck.
Bit of that

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Bomb disposal, bloodymindedness, dry legs

Bit of this
I blink, a white van with Bomb Disposal, emblazoned on the side, pulls up along side me. Corse then I spent all morning wondering where it was off to, and where it hangs out.

"Did you get away with it" the check out lady calls as I stagger past with the weeks shop. "Was there any doubt then", I reply. She grins. The supermarket apparently don't allow you to consume food you buy from the main shop in their cafe while you drink a hot chocolate. Bureaucracy gone bonkers. I enjoyed my hot chocolate and my snack thank-you.

Whippet and I dash out for a long walk between down pours, neither of us like wet legs.
Bit of that
This is a very accommodating shop, youngsters have been known to perfect their musical technique with in. People can while hours on their instruments. According to Radio 4.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Sharing air and the bed

Bit of this
Black cat has her jaw laid against my collar bone and is puffing purry breaths in my ear, whippet gasps searching for air under the duvet in his rightful place between me and man about the house who is gently snoring, my effort in the symphony of airy sound sometimes syncs with black cat and sometimes with man about the house. What a wonderful way to start the day.

All that breathing reminded me of Andrew who shared our bed until he died, I used to listen for hours to his breath. It often was the first indicator of an imminent crisis. Funny really it wasn't his breath I swore I heard in the months that followed but his foot steps. That and his voice.

His voice is a soft mutter these days usually telling me to pull my finger out. Sometimes I listen sometimes I don't. Today I listened and did loads of house work and feel very virtuous.
Bit of that

Monday, 27 July 2009

Post lady and telephone man that can

Bit of this
Timed to perfections, she puts the kettle on and has a pot of tea brewed just as the stand in postie arrives. Sitting down together Mrs T delights in catching up on her news. All her friends are in the graveyard or confined to barracks as she is, I wonder how many more people the postie has adopted on her rounds.

The piped music is Hydn supprise symphony, I grin it will be a bloody surprise when some one answers.

A moment of pure happiness. I have just come back from India again. He was so clear and concise, and now I know what the trouble with my huge telephone bill was.
Bit of that

Merce Cunningham, Choreographer Who Reshaped Dance, Dies at 90

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday surprises

Bit of this
"They are out all day" she sighs over the phone, "I just needed a friendly face". However she perks up no end when I point out it is Sunday and she could go to church. Surprised she checks "Are you sure?"

The horse they have brought along for the little ceremony commemorating 540 years since the battle of Edgecote, refuses to have anything to do with his knight in armor. It is led the whole way around.

Local cows think it a great wheeze and dash to the fence to watch a handful of us pass. But we terrify the sheep in the next field. I take a rose that is offered and drop it in the river, from the bridge, to please the local press. But am remembering the dead soldiers while also having a flash back to Andrew in a pram crossing the same bridge. Most of the others return by car. But a few hardy souls want to return via the pretty route but don't know the way follow me.

Fiddling with his shinny bits he reveals "You get bad armor days just like bad hair days". I have had a good hair day. And all because I looked out of the window and saw a horse draped in finery.
Bit of that

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Phones, beans and babies

Bit of this
That phone is dashed clever, It seems to have seized control and started making independent calls now. Man about the house picked it up to check all was well and the lady purred in his ear "this number has not been recognized". I hope it is going to foot the bill.

Now the boys culinary tastes don't have to be accommodated I am having fun with my Turkish cook book. I find I like black eyed beans. I especially like the way they all peer up at me from their watery bowl while they enjoy a good soak.

Mummy grebe has a baby treading water in her wake and another on her back.
Bit of that
It was a mans world until the arrival of Eve.
Ariststotle Onassis

Friday, 24 July 2009

He does his best to no avail

Bit of this
B T really does excel at inefficiency. When I finally manage to get through her with the syrupy voice tells me "this service is not available at the moment". Well that's one way to avoid dealing with wingers like me who have faulty telephones I suppose. I am so astonished by this that I now have a sick grin on my face

It only takes me half an hour to get to India. But bless his heart he tries his very best. Helping me follow telephone wire back to it's important little place. Coming upstairs with me while I find relevant bits and eventually assuring me that he will find someone else who can help. I am not hopeful but appreciate his effort. She can only offer a hundred and twenty five quid man that possibly can, if I am prepared to throw in a few more pounds he may even fix it.

I unplug the dam phone, grab the dogs lead, and call for a mate to come out to play. Silently praying the said phone hasn't been costing me mega bucks as it has insisted it has busy for hours.
Bit of that
Not getting anywhere fast

Thursday, 23 July 2009

3 unexpected things

Bit of this
The shop is called 2nd of May Serendipity, and is packed full of nick knacks and tales of mysterious doings. Evidence of previous owners from another time.

You don't expect to see a double bass busking, it's supporters were a guitar and an excellent fiddle. I can only think they were there in the back of beyond out of boredom. Surely no money would be made.

Excitement outside the pub. Much skipping, waving of hankies, bowing, energetic jumping, banging of sticks and bouncing of bells. The Morris men leapt about for all they were worth for a whole hour. Good job they had brought there own groupies as the locals were very thin on the ground.
Bit of that

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Stamp, sharing sunshine

Bit of this
The light catches the blue second class stamp to reveal tiny writing. If you look closely it is a true work of art. The magnifying glass is whipped out and off I go. A mini meditation on the queens head. She never ever looked like that and I am old enough to remember a young fresh faced slip of a girl.

I provide lunch and she rubs my shoulders while we laugh and chat. Topped of by an energetic walk. We agree we must do this again soon.

We met when our boys were bumps. I love the color of her hair. " I buy the same packet of stuff, and she does it every 6 weeks". But the sunshine has turned it silvery blond and it looks quite different. I wonder if it is too late to have a go at being a blond for a bit.
Bit of that

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Bit of this
You know how sometimes God hurls things in you path. Well today he dropped a pretty pink mobile phone at my feet. This provided the perfect displacement for the boy. Who did fetch up. He spent the entire 20 minute visit texting all and sundry via the phone to establish ownership. He didn't have to form eye contact or even talk much (although I promise I did leave the odd gap) for such an occasion. He says he may come to tea with the blond next time.

Yes I am sure I do look a bit wild eyes and manic. Tis excitement. But clock that grin.

Monday, 20 July 2009


Bit oft this
4 white butterflies have pegged themselves out to dry, clinging onto blades of grass, warming themselves in the early morning sun.

His 85 year old feet dance at the club he tells me. He has been so patient while I try and get my fumbling fingers around this nail clipping lark. I realize he is late for something when he glances at his watch. "Yep" he says "I am meeting the granddaughter". We quickly phone her, he will be skipping up the road to meet her shortly. (i hope).

I'll drop in after work". He knows perfectly well Monday nights is pilates night. But I am kept warm by the prospect, however fleeting the visit. The hardest part will admitting to the friend I take, the fact that I am such a saddo living for such a meagre crumb, I am skipping class. But to me it will be like a feast, the memory of which will linger for weeks. If he fails to show at least he will have spoken a whole sentence to me directly, and I have had a day of happy anticipation. So there.

Bit of that
You never stop fretting
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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sleep, mother and children

Bit of this
Black cat slips into the envelope between crook of arm and cheek, we both go back to sleep.

2 foals stand out against the lush green backdrop on the opposite hill.

She is playing tennis, in the middle of the road with her son, in exactly the same place where I stood and batted more than 40 years ago.
Bit of that

Saturday, 18 July 2009

the day went well

Bit of this
The move went well. What a relief to hear. I had visions of her being in lost property already. God Bless little siss.

We discovered it was called St Dennys. 2 out of the 3 churches that were within 20 miles of us were open. One we would never have found if not for the man with monstrous cabbages. It was in the middle of a field, no access by car. One had lovely stain glass and the other impressive tombs and was surrounded stunning landscape.

We watch the history boys. It always makes me laugh.
Bit of that
Savage Chickens - Friday the 13th: Part VII

Friday, 17 July 2009

lost,tops not back on and silence

Bit of this
Oh bugger she has lost the porridge and there is not a thing I can do about it. So I resort to giving little sis's telephone number as she has lost that too. (sorry).

3 voices say "It wasn't my fault" course it wasn't it was me who forgot to put the top back on. We peer down fascinated by the large pool of blood red food coloring. Did you know you can buy food coloring in rather large bottles, that you don't have to put up with those miniscule naff jobs in Tesco's?

Rarely joining the whole school assembly, cos lots of us loose the plot, we file into the hall in total silence and sit. I look back and see totally silent children that I have grown to know and love in every year line. I am desperate to wave my blood red hands at them but behave. But more than that I want to give the totally silent headmaster a squeeze of enthusiasm and leave red paw prints all over his "going to india" white outfit.
Bit of that
{god bless laura, and here's to a new lease of life}
A week to remember in more ways than one

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Sobs, small and the sun

Bit of this
He gulps and gives an award winning sob as he nods his head and whispers yes, to the suggestion that "maybe a chocolate would help".

Bunnies that would fit into the palm of your hand hop into the hedge to avoid whippet.

The calm aura of the dark room greets me with each step up the ladder. It's only been open up so I could sort some fix out for a friend, and then couldn't resist setting up a couple of sun picture.
Bit of That
This is what I was really looking for
I can't lay claim to this
Sun Pictures

Sun pictures are made by arranging objects directly onto a piece of photographic paper and exposing them to the sun.

Some of the earliest photographic experiments were produced using a similar method by William Henry Fox Talbot and Anna Atkins as far back as the 1830s. Lunar graphs, i.e. pictures made from the light of the moon, could also be made, although much longer exposure times would be necessary for these.

Although they share similarities, the difference between sun pictures and photograms is that to produce sun pictures you don’t need an enlarger. Also the results produced have a violet or sometimes bluish tint rather than being black and white.

Making Sun Pictures

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

jazzing up, can't judge a book or boy by it's cover

Bit of this
The beech hedge has lime green highlights jazzing it up.

Unexpected lunch in a venue I would never have chosen. Just shows you can't judge a book by it's cover. Clean with a mean menu, Yum.

Spotting me looking around frantically, it's S she says. I am flabbergasted He throws an exact impersonation of a guinea pig.
Bit of that
Cats yesterday guinea pigs today.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Silent, scuttling, sweetie treaty

Bit of this
Silently an elegant Heron stands guard over the newly shorn cricket pitch. But I spy mole hills.

We are not the only ones scuttling for the trees, farmer Rex's sheep are hot footing it to escape the downpour.

Mrs Tesco delivers shopping, humour and a sweetie treaty for whippet.
Bit of that

Monday, 13 July 2009

Good things come to those who wait, perhaps

Bit of this
My quiet standing and starring paid off. The kingfisher arrives complete with a tiny silver fish and lands on a branch. Seeing me though it doesn't enter the small hole but takes breakfast and leggs it post haste.

I am full of hope, for sodding shoulder, but she is on holiday. Still good things come to those who wait.

Or not as the case maybe.
Man about the house comes in sulking. "I said give me half an hour then come up". Well if he did the ears didn't register. Oh well never mind I collapse in a heap to watch the One Show.
Bit of that

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Hi's and hassles

Bit of this
Being a boy he just has to hassle.

Peddling her chopper bike with one hand she sings out "Hi" , imitating her mother exact tone.

Black cat serenades me begging for food.
Bit of that

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Hoover, house and the wonder of technology

Bit of this
The hungry bite of the empty hoover makes me feel very virtuous.

They have chosen well, small and neat, the pink chimney breast is their joint effort. My boy owns a paint brush. Wonderous.

The discovery of the Curious Ear podcasts have perked up the whippet walk no end.
Bit of that
Our honored guests
Mork and Mindy announce the arrival of twins.

Friday, 10 July 2009

yes it worked

Bit of this
It whips past, logic doesn't immediately connect the Tesco carrier bag attached to a length of string, with the over hanging ladder on top of the lorry. When we do this at school we are to be seen running manically around tying to see whose will fly highest. This is much more satisfactory.

The boy blackbird sees off a large pigeon, by lowering his head raising his bum and puffing out his feathers, it works.

I am not known for my hand and eye co ordination, but the toenails are cut, the toes escape unblemished, the feet are massaged and she says it was a pleasant experience. I choose to believe her and book in for the theory.
Bit of that
I accepted googles invitation.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Invitations, exhibition, one lucky bird

Bit of this
She said "come anytime" so we did, wandering down an old path to the bog garden to visit the the green man. This surely then would have been part of the monks fish ponds in the way back.

It is an astonishing surprise. Beams of light travel though 4 layers of net hung floor to ceiling, the whole thing has a peace and tranquility that is accidently enhanced from the over flow music coming from another exhibit.

The only thing that saved the boy blackbird from obliteration was the bike shifting black cats trajectory slightly.
Bit of that
I knew that it just hazardous for the local bird population.

It has been scientifically proven that owning cats can have a positive effect on our health - they can decrease the occurrence of high blood pressure and other similar illnesses.

Stroking a cat can relieve stress (this also refers to other furry animals) and the purring feeling can have a secure and comforting effect on a person.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Gift of jewelry children and togetherness

Bit of this
There is a note and a tiny piece of indian jewelry for me on the side at work.

"Crocosmia thats bootiful" he says peering at the tightly closed buds.

Love hasn't realized that it stopped raining ten minutes ago.

Bit of that

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Barley, gargoyles, fruit and nut

Bit of this
The barley rolls this way and that in front of the wind. It becomes mesmerizing watching the field swirl and sway.

As she sticks pins in me I divert my attention by being nosy. Her father is a sculptor specializing in marble. He has done work on gargoyles for the Oxford colleges. Then she adds a snip it. Apparently the heads are modeled on the masters. Well I never knew that. So interested am I before I know it she has finished.

Normally whippets eyes are brown. Occasionally they take on a demonic greenish black look. Today the light catches them as he fixes them on me in a bullying manner demanding a share of the fruit and nut.
Bit of that

Monday, 6 July 2009

Bruises, and declining to move way without hiccups or to fall into holes

Bit of this
She has a huge purple bruise on her arm where she fell, and is hoping for cooler weather so she can don a cardigan that will hide it from her daughter. And she tells me she is "bored".

I go to the place where I drop worries, today I throw in thanks. Catching sight of a small piece of wood, I place it in the water expecting it to be quickly carried by the current, but it moves away slowly and catching an eddy it circles back toward me. It repeats the process once more finally entering the flow that takes it to travel along the waters edge, before bouncing into the middle and finally disappearing around the bend. The whole thing went from a bit of childish fun to a metaphor for the boy in an instant. I felt huge relief when it sailed forth round the corner. Thats alright then. Pew.

I decline the hole that is beckoning me and pick up the Jiff instead, scrubbing and rubbing all afternoon, and carting the radio around with me. Breaking it up by down loading stuff in the happy expectation of endless blather though the head phones.
Bit of that

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Filling in

Bit of this
Whippet is outside the bedroom whippets tail has crept under the door and is on the inside.

A fish dish for dinner.

I see him fleetingly as he comes to claim what's his. But volunteers a snippet of chat.
Bit of that
the search was for blue then 1 thing led to .......

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Fragments of the unexpected

Bit of this
I swear it wasn't planned. "Well" I said "might as well pop into the Apple store now we are here". Lustings have been gratified, sleek, black smooth to touch, sensuousness personified. And I already have the first pod cast. Heaven.

I sit down beside him, killing time waiting. I have to move closer to catch his words. Realizing the bottles been hit already. He is fed up to have been ticketed by the police again. "Now do I look like the sort of person who would .......?" Bits of his history unravel. Himself arrives just as a fiver exchanges hands. Himself storms off. Gob smacked I could have done such a thing. Amazing how he can be so blind to me after all these years. I don't regret it though, even if he went straight down boozer. Just as well himself doesn't know the half then. How could I spend all that money on frippery and not?

"If you hang on I will come". The little boy with large ears whose face has now filled out with age to catch them up. We retrace steps from our childhood, and spot a vixen with her cubs. She is guarding them well allowing us so close to her. Peering over the bank remembering where we used to catch minnows we glimpse a possible kingfishers home. Evidenced by the fact one comes zooming toward the hole but then veers away when it sees us. Wow.
Bit of that

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Friday, 3 July 2009

Bees and hearts

Bit of that
The bees proboscis is working like a piston gleaning goodies from the pink dahlia.

A copper heart has appeared over the wooden door lintel of no 9.

Is has been like drawing teeth but he dropped in with his new address. No phone number though, still tis a starting may be and not an ending.
Bit of that

Thursday, 2 July 2009

tokens of love

Bit of this
She shows me 3 poppies and 3 crimson cherries and then spends all morning perfecting her labour of love. Adding a pot on a beautifully decorated lid. Next she makes and alter affair with leaves and stones around it outside and arranges a long line of milk crates leading up to it. The creation morphs several times as the wind plays havoc and she takes evasive action. Eventually ending back indoors.

It is a true thing of beauty and as luck would have it I spot the dinner lady that inspired it and tip her the wink. She says "I'll stick my head around the door before I go home".

If he takes those under pants and them jammies to live with her he will back within the week.
It seems important he leaves the way he arrived though the front door. I sit fleetingly beside him conjuring the boy that was, I manage and it knocks me off my feet. He takes his anger and reality with him not even looking back.
And no I am not having me mother to stay with me for more than a week at a time. Her television viewing habits are worse than his.
Bit of that

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm on your face,
May your God hold you in the hollow of his hand.
Child of our flesh
Bone of our bone
Remember the love that travels with you from our home.
(pick and mix, celtic prayer, sands, me)

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Heat and a treat

Bit of this
We fill every seat with our factor 25, sunhats, lunch boxes and smiles.

After staking our claim under tall shaddy trees we scatter. The giant sand pit and water tap are descended on, slides slid down, swings swung on and climbing frames get stuck up, we all have a go on the zip line, even the geriatrics among us, much to the children's hilarity. Lunch done we drip out of the gates flowing toward the boat. Mrs A dares a lorry to run her down while making sure we cross safely. And I forget the heat as I watch amazed wonderous faces as we chug along.

Heaving a grateful sigh for other wonders of modern technology. As we manage to locate the coach via the mobile, before we all melt.
Bit of that
Melt games (shrug)