Sunday, 31 May 2009

Living in the fast lane and the royal wave

Bit of this
The boy black bird was waiting for his breakfast. I watch fascinated as he pops as many currants as possible in. Scooting off to the bare earth he drops them and is either rearranging his scoop or rolling them about a bit to collect dust for some unknown reason before coming back for another lot. When absolutely no more can be rammed in he flies of.  

It's not until I turn down the drive that I member the horses, a tiny foal curled up and dozing. A private chapel is part of the estate with huge carved memorials and the tiniest marble alter. um! I am here along with 101 others wandering around a garden that I want to camp out in. It is so big I manage to find a quiet corner by a lake to sit and ponder why the gnats are dashing about with no apparent purpose. And if they live life in the fast lane is it a short and sweet one?  
Oh my gawd there I am topless in the bedroom and farmer Rex raises his hand in manner of royal wave from his beat up land-rover. I hope it wasn't at me, being a bachelor well over 60 who has lived with his mum all his life, the shock could be huge.
Bit of this
And there she was belting it out on the radio. She is funny even if not to your taste. 

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Black birds and a black tea shirted boy

Bit of this
He has a chops full of squirming worms, I move patches to give him freshly turned earth to scratch about in at leisure. Turning around I find he has followed me still bent on cramming more into his orange beak.

He gets greedy and invites himself into my leanto to help himself to bird mix from the large bowl. I close my eyes and hold my breath while he frantically bangs against the window, managing to flick it open provides an escape route.

He gets out of the car and waits for me. Tight jeans black tea-shirt and gelled hair. We walk down the road and he veers into the pub. All Andrews friends make time to chat to me and I silently bless them.
Bit of that
Spin or just more ways to waste time!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Things began as tiny seeds

Bit of this
The bees like the yellow poppies that have been cavorting all over my garden and so do I.

With a flourish parsley is written, with my new indelible pen, on the seedling, and fingers are crossed.

2 mums an assortment of children and chickens are sat around the front door. "Come and see what we have done upstairs". I walk through memories, across a cardinal red floor, sat in front of the fire enjoying "listen with mother", a traumatic experience when I was 4 by the back the door that's no longer there. Up the stairs though the bedroom where I used to like to be tucked in good and tight, on and up into attic space. I lean out of the window looking down into the garden, dormant seeds in my mind stir.   
Bit of that
My love of radio began with the excited anticipation of hearing the listen with mothers theme tune.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Smile,frown and leaving behind

Bit of this
All I see in the dark doorway is a face. Blond hair sparly eyes and a dazzling smile, he is leaning backward to greet me and I glimpse a large box in his arms. His family are moving 200 yards from one side of the road to the other. 

My heart races the bad tempered big black dog is coming down the hill with a young boy. I decide to leave whippet free as he is a wimp when off the lead. It advances hackles up frown on it's face curling it's lip, eye balling whippet who is frozen in terror and sensibly avoids eye contact. In an instant it decides there is no threat and bounds off. Whippet must be giving off she dog smells as confrontation with an un hampered male sets it in a fury. 

I leave the shadows of the house behind and peddle forward into the evening sun. At the bridge gnats seemed to be chasing their tails in a patch of light. I hear the church bells ring out from the next village and plan a trip with the camera when I see the wild borage. 
Bit of that 
I'll take the dream I had last night
And put it in my freezer,
So someday long and far away
When I'm an old grey geezer,
I'll take it out and thaw it out,
This lovely dream I've frozen,
And boil it up and sit me down
And dip my old cold toes in.
Shel Silverstien

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The pots disaprove

Bit of this
Oh there's the T V remote. Breakfast telly? I am turning into me mother. I flip it, met by a pan to the news desk whose star is having his face fixed by her in make up. Realizing half the nation is eyeing up this intimate moment he whips the script up shielding the show.

Then I discover Al Jazeera, it is a wonder to see the weather forecast. I want to watch this station all morning but the pots and pans are sending disapproving vibes out. I don the pinafore. (It is hard to override good early training, how boring of me).

A large red mug has appeared in the sink, with Big Red And Everywhere emblazoned in white on it. I can only think of buses. What can it mean?
Bit of that
A much more stirring sort of pinafore.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bless them and fancy hats

Bit of this
Bless them, they have dropped the bricks back in bin boxes to stop them blowing down the street.

She has not tossed off her protective cap completely and appears to have a cone hat containing her dark orange petals with a ruff of a collar to complete the head gear.

Mr Tesco's goodies are in a huge mound on the floor. Occasionally I yearn for the humble carrier. Me and the back are in crawler gear and I foresee hours of creaking and squeaking ahead. Then man about the house blows in from work and rolls his sleeves up.    
Bit of that
Liberals are a Labour saving device.
(London School of Economics 1978)

The Graffiti File

Monday, 25 May 2009

Proving and plants

Bit of this
The loaf proves in the airing cupboard while whippet and I walk. The walk is timed precisely, by a bit of natter route, to enable the anchovy and olive loaf to be slung together and cooked in time for lunch.

Huge red poppies are growing on the side of the railway line, the plants are full of promises to come with many tightly closed buds. When I look around I find a treasure trove of wild flowers. 

More confusion with the plantletts that are emerging. Are they parsley? I have a brain wave I will get Mr Tesco to deliver me an indelible pen with my groceries tomorrow. It's not that I haven't written on my lolly stick it's more the biro has washed off. 
Bit of that

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Acquiring this that and the other

Bit of this
Breaking the journey to hunt for a chocolate lolly, I find they are only available in 3s. Determined to have my treat I buy a box. As luck would have it 2 workmen appear, and I dish out the other 2, glad not to have binned the excess. They drive off in their white van I sit in the sunshine and enjoy every drip and lick.

When I find her she has acquired a new friend on a sleek mobility scooter and a glint in her eye, fired up by the prospect of becoming a hells granny when she moves. 

Once calm is restored by deep breathing, I realize it's now anger that will fuel her footsteps not the weak vulnerability that has been her weapon in trying to bring about my submission. And anger = energy. I do teeter but she oversteps the mark. Anyway by the time I get home she has completely forgotten she was cross with me and has had a nice morning saying "thank-you for coming".
Bit of that

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Cheer me uppers and a mystery

Bit of this
I come home clutching 3 tomatoes plants and 2 pots of sweet peas. The market may be a shadow of it's former self but at least the plant stall survives.

The first thing I see is a gentleman in a cream suit and matching hat, followed by a woman in a floral suit and hat, my eyes widen when I spot a pink case on wheels. 5 or 6 people are standing around their cars in the middle of nowhere much. Right by where I had planned to stop and piglet watch. As I cruse past the occupied gateway craning my neck, a man is smiling a huge smile and giving every one a slug from a huge bottle? They are making much better use of the gateway than me and I have fun all afternoon creating stories around them.

She is cooking tea sat on her stool in the minute kitchen. Smiling over the breakfast bar her eyes light up when she points to her cauliflower cheese and strawberries. She is over 70 but looks in her early fifties. She is guaranteed cheerful and a real tonic.
Bit of that

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Dozing, meeting and cooking

Bit of this
She comes padding up leaps on to the bed and molds herself across my legs, no effort needed to balance, slumping into an early morning doze. 

Messing about in the front garden I meet 2 new people. One of which is the villages newest resident born on Saturday.

A discovery. The wonders of puff patsy, make a tasty tea a breeze
Bit of that.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Amongst it all and trying to be

Bit of this
Early morning and there among the buttercups is a tiny grey calf. 

The plan says making boats. A large box of interesting bits doesn't seem to inspire. They have their own agenda. Pointing out a lovely muddy puddle I wonder if we could float boats on it. Still no interest. Desperation sets in. I get creative and proudly track them down clutching a"pirate ship" with a black sail. By this time they are sat around said puddle on 3 milk crates. I float my boat (they sink me). He picks it up, gently puts it to the side and with a withering look says "No". They continue to poke the puddle with sticks, deep in conversation about everything but boats!

It's no good the forget-me nots have to go. I start on the tangle and uncover all sorts. It is pouring and I am having a whale of a time kneeling amongst it all in my bright yellow sou'wester.
Bit of that

Monday, 18 May 2009

Power in my hands or just the plain mundane

Bit of this
Panting and about to step though the fence but alerted by clapping. It's eyes meet mine and it stops. I turn to catch whippet, when I look again it has soundlessly disappeared. 

Ribbons of smoke curl around the room as the joss stick dances at my bidding. Smoke rings form and dissolve, the ribbon tails disintegrate in a moment, but the fragrance lingers for hours afterwards. 

Inspired by Mrs T's cleaning cupboard I buy bathroom cleaner, full of hope that I too will have shine and gleam. 
Bit of that
E   1.Chemical added to food
     2.Chemical added to teenagers  
(Dictionary for our time)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Lucky day

Bit of this
No visitor access. It has always said key holders nearby before. With the shard of luck I carry there is a man nearby with a key! It is just a dim shell of its former splendor. Peace being the only suggestion of a sacred space. 

The signs everywhere do not invite exploration. I am game but man about the house is reticent. So I get my infrared filter out and play. As we drive away I make a note to enlist my partner in crime for a revisit. It cannot be ignored, the village bears my maiden name after all.

A flash of pale orange, a question mark. The answer follows as it lands, the iridescent electric blue is a give away. It sits bobbing it's head up and down, the sharp dagger like beak pointing this way and that. I am enchanted watching this exotic little gem of a bird. 
Bit of that

Emotions swirl around

Bit of this
I get out of the wrong side of the bed. (a rare occurrence). It has an amazing effect on them indoors, rightly assuming I will become volcanic at the slightest.
Cooker gets cleaned, dinner cooked, and the boy while not friendly isn't too vile.

We have failed in many ways. But he is ringing the groom to ask if he knows how to tie a tie! I force man about the house to intervene. Hardly recognizing him without his hoodie on, a tear slips out. The blond has the skimpiest bit of purple cloth accentuating curves and hiding knickers, just. Confessing to sending an s.o.s home, she has accidently put on 2 right shoes. (please don't!). This is an education I assumed only celebrities brought shoes in matching set's.

The village bells ring out, winds blows everyone to church and tries to wreck the photo's, hat's it seems are out of fashion. Shame I like a good hat. Andrews memorial bench gets used as a prop, and I lurk behind grave stones, looking like a member of the paparazzi, but more a case of all the gear no idea, having tremendous fun. Memories blow by of, the grooms father appearing over the garden wall to play with my dollies when we were 5. Dad in training, he played with them more than I ever did. And has reaped the benefit. There is a moral there I fear. Hey Ho life is easy with what we now know.

Bit of that

Friday, 15 May 2009

Worth the effort

Bit of this
It is extraordinary. My head swivels around the follow him. His pipe is carved in the shape of a rams head.

Knackered beyond belief, I arrive on auto pilot determined not to miss them. Rain only enhances their droopy beauty. Wandering in a blue bell wood is one of the wonders of the world. Even though they are past their best the sea color is staggering. 

"Me and my BFF, that's best friend ever, made a pact to give each other a gift every Friday". Her gift is an bracelet of dainty shell beads that she made.
Bit of this

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Discoveries in the classroom and out and about

Bit of this
When I arrive all is quiet except for snuffling and squeaking from the class guinea pigs. I am hearten to discover they have been fed, Mrs A commander in chief of keeping absolutely everything together, is laid low. They rush out to devour tasty green leaves I have brought from home. It was interesting when we brought them the Asian T.A was horrified to think that we were installing piglets in the corner of the classroom.

The children notice a bad smell, we go on a smell hunt. The boss discovers the reason and we take action. 

Come home the long pretty way, and discovered a tiny Hamlet whose name I have only ever associated with a wood. It is a bit of England time forgot
Bit of that
I have just enjoyed his book Submarine, it was light, breezy with pace. Not everyone cup of tea though.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Smirk, soap and stars

Bit of this
He has just advertised a music mag on the morning show, but it is quickly followed by "other music monthlies are also available" in a lower voice. Wondering if this is a bit of rebellion the face smirks.  

Forgotten  soaps are stashed by the radiators, A lovely smell wafts my way, as their warmth seeps from them to me. 

Quietly he makes a place in front of him at the check out for a frail old man. He has a silver stud in his eyebrow, I think of silver stars that were handed out at school. I mentally slap one on him now.
Bit of that
I do like a bit of rebellion

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Farces and fun

Bit of this
Irritation fired but is superseded by sodding shoulder, and I no longer attach significance. Humor slides out. He is having a breakfast time temper-tantrum. Here is someone that abuses his body regularly, with all sorts of substances, but who won't touch bacon fresh from the freezer! 

We walk down a hill and up a hill, onto a disused railway track and into a wood. There are badger sets, rabbit holes, large fungi and best of all a steep bank to scramble down. Well tis steep if you are only 5. Followed by a picnic in the old school grounds, lots of running and laughing plus a trip around a lovely old church. And no one gets lost.

Whippet and I come across 2 lambs and their mum that have escaped from god's acre, nibbling on delicious shoots of corn. Farmer Rex's appears. We enter into a farce trying to round them up. At one point thier friends look across the river with worried expressions. I cannot see. Are they about to leap in. No they make there way back onto the bridge. Now I assume a worried look and think of Acupulco. But gentle persuasion, plus Rex and dog guarding the only other escape route, encourages them down beside the river, back up into their field for tea and a bit of sympathy from their friends. I leave Rex hunting in his dilapidated land-rover for"hammer and nails". 
Bit of That
Rex was not dancing for joy last week when 2 geese and 7 sheep dog puppies were nicked.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Worrying, patience and taking control

Bit of this
Her house is filled with light and radio 2 blasting so loudly I can hear it above the hoover. She is 91 today. Sugar spun hair frames her face, as she peers up at me, I am reminded of a friendly fluffy cat. She worries about getting stranded in the bath because "I don't have body beautiful any more". As I look at her face in the soft light I regret not being able to paint. (Shall have to pluck up courage to suggest camera, know perfectly well wouldn't do her justice though).

My patience has been rewarded, have just potted up primrose seedlings. (least thats what I think they are).

I am not going to do what he wants me to. Waste of time, I reclaim an hour and a half.
Bit of that

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Power of one sort and another

Bit of this  
It is only after we arrive, that he announces "oh by the way the breaks are playing up". Bloody hell we have just come down Broadway hill! Thank-you St Christopher. 

Man about the house transforms into camper van man and becomes a domestic goddess. Dust pan and brush are discover, washing up done, pinny donned for culinary delights. (I try hard not to calorie count). Just enjoy the result.

A few are waving, one man is rolling his arm outward in the manner of royalty, she is in the last carriage dressed in red. I wave back at her and blow a kiss, catching hers in my cupped hands. There was a feeling of power, the deep beat of the engine, the wheels smooth and solid gliding past, it was a magic moment.
Bit of that
Take it to heart, what the blood steam does with cholesterol. 
(Dictionary For Our Time) 

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Talking and listening

Bit of this
It is a 4 moan morning. I point this out and he says"and here's another one too", and launches forth, but has the grace to smile. Breakfast time news is not good for the blood pressure.

A old gent stood chatting on a narrow path, he has 2 bored looking yorkies tucked under the same arm. Later on I see another man carrying a popsicle of a poodle and is chatting away to it.

Listening to a program on sewage I see a very clean bright yellow and sky blue cesspit lorry. How odd, I hardly ever see one! It's colors remind me of the seaside.
Bit of that
Sewage, it was more interesting than I would have thought.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Shivering, hassling, spilling

Bit of this
Tiny shivering leaves, ebbing and flowing waves of sound, the wind has infused the old beech tree by the gate house with energy and woken her up.

The fledging dove arcs it's wings over mother hassling for food.

An adult guards each escape though the hedge that surrounds the community garden. They have done their listening and contained their muscles in a confined space. Now they pore out, like spilt hundreds and thousands, their bright clothes mingling with the dazzling flower beds as they race about. The whole scene seems to me a fairy tale world in miniature.
Bit of that
The color of the wind

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Playtime and presents

Bit of this
"We had a nice time out side, didn't we?", heartened he only remembered the good bits, not the fallings out. One of my more successful mornings at devising co-operative play then.

Farmer Rex's running ducks are out and about. Penguin like they leggit from me, stumbling over tussocks of grass, and head for the paddock without a backward glance. 

It arrived with a hug and brightens my windowsill.

Bit of that

Monday, 4 May 2009

Wild music and invitations

Bit of this
Birds sing me awake, no intrusive alarm clock.

The phone rings before breakfast. "Sounds interesting and different, your on".
We are hopelessly lost, abandoning the map she pulls out a compass, compliments of a christmas cracker. We head south. Tears of laughter, and no one gets cross.

I am much taken by a poster inviting us to sample "Wild Music Gathering". I catch the tail end of a session and deicide it would be enormous fun, once you overcame any inhibitions.
Bit of this
Our destination. She meets old friends and I make new. A wonderful day was had by all.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Relief,curiosity and participation

Bit of this
What a relief there are no geese to be negotiated, as I make my way to play house with Freeda. She is a perfect miniature home on wheels, and will be having her first trip of the season shortly.

We all make our way in dribs and drabs from different directions. I have always wanted to explore the garden that lays beyond the blue gate. 

Pete Seeger  says "participtaion is the key to the human race" so I arrive clutching lemon drizzle cakes.
Bit of this
The competitive streak is everywhere.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

They are back, and a step here a step there

Bit of this
I am daydreaming looking out of the window, when my heart leaps . They are back. I have been on the look out for days. They have arrived to take up their summer residence outside Andrew's bedroom window. They had disappeared last year due to black cat.
How absolutely wonderful too, because today would have been his 18th birthday.

I have an old birthday card that unfolds into a line of Dalmatian puppies wearing sun glasses. It is in his bedroom which has become my portal though which I step into another world. 

A lad is about to step into the church yard, but thinks better of it and finishes his fag on the pavement. 
Bit of that
Just when you think you have cracked it another challenge appears.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Music,pink and planted

Bit  of this
Music seeps under the door, "Times they are a changing". (not 'arf! Ha)

She has a day-glow pink hat and tabard. He is color coordinated with matching ankle bands and a splash of a pink statement on his bridle.

Bilingual 5 year old recounting seed planting. "I planted an Anna in a pot"".
Bit of that
If I was more efficient at my web searches I could have better this recording, I 'spect. It is powerful and energizing music I find, especially with window down driving along motor way blasting it out