Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Sounds smiles and small boys

Bit of this
The present that never got presented sends out sound vibrations thought the house as I brush past fading and settling with a sigh.

She comes in eyes dancing, between laughter and smiles, she gives me a hug. Her first grandchild has arrived.

A very small boy is being frisked by his father as the shop alarm screeches.
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Monday, 29 June 2009

things done, things avoided

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When I get there she is out, shopping. She comes back sits down for a mili second and while I dust the family and do, she is busy with her other "jobs".  Asking "What do you think of Michael Jackson then". 
"To be honest with you" she says "I don't really like modern pop music". Do any 90 year olds I wonder.

Black cat pulls a new trick from her hat as she pours herself under the back gate and rolls down the step.

I catch the wonderful postie and thank her for signing for the small package that she put through the letter box. A hot trip to the sorting office is best avoided. Bless her.
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just a quote
Anything is possible if you don't know what you're talking about - Green's Law of Debate

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Mini beasts and confused

Bit of this
The large spider by the backdoor scoots out to inspect his trap when I accidently brush past. He been on guard days no luck this time though.

Whippet and I are out for hours on our morning walk. I keep getting distracted by all the mini beast that are out and about. Wishing I had a magnifying glass for a closer look.

I drift between lounging in the sun reading my book and playing with imovie, getting confused but seemly achieving bits here and there.
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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Extra hours, flowers and tribute

Bit of this
I have been too knackered lately to keep up with the insomnia. But oh joy I was slurping tea and eating cornflakes in the wee hours. I read 2 chapters of the book and caught 2 slugs who were hunting for crumbs. How they get in I don't know and more to the point where do they hide. Even if I follow their silver trails I fail to find them. 

Wow there is a bunch of flowers on the kitchen table. The cynical part of me wonders what man about the house brought at the sale of rusty metal this morning. However I am delighted, I never get flowers even on my birthday. Refraining from enquiring about the days trawl. I give him a big kiss instead.

A lorry is engraved on a small black stone
followed by 
"Keep on truckin'  
Ben    10 4" 
I only stumble across this in my attempt to find the shadiest rout back to the car. What a lovely tribute.
Bit of that
Years ago I decided should anyone dare to go against my wishes of no grave marker I want

"Here lies a tidy pile" 

The boy is going to get

"Here lies not a lot"
due to his ever ready answer to absolutely everything

And man about the house is getting
"Here lies?
I have no idea"
a perfect get out clause for nearly absolutely everything.
Of course when push come to sodding shove we often wrack our brains for the deep and meaningful, as I with Andrew. A friend sent me this. It was on his grave for ages littering up the graveyard along with the wild flowers and wooden cross man about the house made. And I keep retyping it and putting it back still.

We will harbor your memory 
We will bind our loss in the warm currents of your laughter
We will search the dark sky
For your wild blazing star
And your voice will endure
Singing out to us between the spaces in the wind
Always free 
Always free

I would be interested to know how you would mark you and yours.
signing off with

Friday, 26 June 2009

Drizzle,decant,drama school

Bit of this
I drive into drizzle and wish it northwards to drizzle on all over me daisies. It obliges.

There waiting for me is a bag full of bottles. Now I can decant the elderflower cordial.

She stands in front of me a child I hardly recognize, now nearly as tall as I. "You remember ages ago you said I should join a drama school, well I have". 
Bit of that
Recommended Reading      credit agreement small print
(dictionary for our time)

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Playing rescuing and giving

Bit of this
The condensation on the window pane provokes a childhood response, and I draw spiral patterns.

They are hidden behind anemic looking plants and I bring them home to live with me. Tiny rose bushes that with a bit of tlc will display my faith in them all summer long. 

Playing lady bountiful I am giving out strawberries all over the place. And still have enough to make jam.
Bit of that
Mythical figure Zero inflation

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Things that fly

Bit os this
There is a gathering of gliders soaring above the village, six of them catching the same thermal. Their wings are so long and thin they look fragile.  

I hear humming. A swarm, or an energetic hoover. A swarm around a chimney pot. I wonder if they are the bees that belong to the lad in the gate house.

They appear from behind a row of houses. A small red spaniel, a blue lead and then a small dark boy who practically takes off behind her as she spots chickens. The lead breaks and 3 of us try to corner the dog. I soon realize though she is only chasing with no real evil intent. But whippet can't believe his luck as one hen slowly lurches towards him. The only feathers that fly are ones he nipped at as she past. Now I have a voice that when roused booms out like at fog horn. The small dog stops in her tracks and whippet is yanked back into line via his lead. One poor exhausted hen hides in the hedge and lives to tell the tale. 
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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Whoops, and hangman

Bit of this
It's my lucky day. I bunny hop backwards missing next doors bin by inches. If he leaves my car in reverse one more time I am hiding the keys. 

It's not often one sees an AA rescue van towing a large black hearse. 

They have adjourned to the office. She is sat on the office chair feet tucked underneath, balancing a white board on her knee. He is a foot away on a low comfy chair facing. He is throwing out letter sounds and she is writing them down. Getting stuck for sounds he takes a letter game I offer and points to the tiny keys flipping each up to reveal an object to correspond with the letter, voicing the sound. They are playing hangman she tells me. They pick my brain occasionally but not often. Absorbed and engaged with their shared learning they enjoy this game for well over half an hour. And not a work sheet in sight.  
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March 3, 2009 · Filed Under Cartoons 

Savage Chickens - Love Stats

Monday, 22 June 2009

wandering dog, raspberries, champagne and roses

Bit of this
She stops to introduce herself and say thank-you for posting one springer spaniel back through the garden gate that had gone on walk about.  

I don't really need lunch as I have helped myself to the raspberries on and off while communing with the weeds. I fear there will be none to pick for tea greedy me.

Three little wooden balls release the scent of champagne and roses that meet me as I open the car door.
Bit of that
Yesterday elderflower cordial was a success. This next then I think. 

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Working things to your advantage as a domestic goddess

Bit of this
How you feeling he  asks as I open 1 eye. Wonderful I reply. I havent moved a muscle so no pain and I am barely conscious so I am allowed to be tired!

It is an interesting fact that since splashing out on the speed machine, man about the house has spent more time cruising ebay than the road, it has had more presents delivered to it than I ever have. He obviously feels he has over done it this time, and so do I. "Look" he says pointing a sparkly hob top, shamelessly I seize the glint of guilt I spy, and send him off with a list of shopping then get him to mow the lawn.

Slut one day domestic goddess the next is there no end to it. I is the proud creator of strawberry jam and a bowl full of elderflower cordial. (or at least thats the plan the last lot I made was so foul it had to be ditched). 
Bit of that
All things elderflowerish

Hungry and ek

Bit of this
Do birds ever suffer from obesity? I wonder. Given the amount of seeds the visiting goldfinches are consuming it's a wonder they ever achieve lift off.

Whippet assumes his most elegant and hopeful pose as he sits on his bed at tea time with paws neatly crossed.

I am so glad it was me that found the knickers, that failed to reach the washing machine, they were lurking on the stairs.
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Friday, 19 June 2009

Dogs and snakes and white stuff

Bit of this
Jack's pack were out and about early. They woofed their way past hurling greetings that rocked the small green car from side to side.

The brownish orange pattern of the corn-snake called sweetie is so beautiful. She drapes it around her neck where it hangs like a piece of surreal jewelry flicking it's tongue. I avoid the head end and pretend to be brave. There is a baby that fits into the palm of a hand and a royal python who certainly would not! Apparently they go shopping with their owners sometimes.   

Rhythmic tap of the sieve followed by the magic of white flour falling into a glass bowl. 
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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Dancing shirt, involvement

Bit of this
Her shirt is reminiscent of a Bridget Riley and my eyes do a jig.

Our newest recruit is concentrating so hard, peering over a nail that he is banging in, trying not to flatten his finger. When he manages it his face lights up. It made my week.

The pink roses smell delicious. I snip the dead heads and save the petals to show the children at work. 3 boys stash them in a "treasure box" and tape it up. Inviting people to guess what's inside. Then I catch them painting it and the floor dark blue. 
Bit of that 

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

just another day

Just the thing to see with a camera in tow not a whippet. 2 deer taking a early morning stroll down the track towards us.

I throw a kiss to Jammy and he throws one back to me. But I catch his sparkle, enthusiasm and energy as well and take through the door into work.

I am feeling less than my best. Lack of food I think. So goodies from M&S sneaked into Costa for a sit down and cappuccino, still feeling no better I wonder if I could get energy by applying the Delilah theory in reverse. Taking action I swan into the most expensive joint in town and hey presto I get handsome Italian with a twinkle in his eye and a drop dead gorgeous smile. Plus half an hour of head titivation, which I promptly wreck by going home and taking a nap. Even when I have re-fluffed it man about the house fails to notice. Hey man this is a 30 quid hair do not my usual 8 pound job. Ar twas worth it though just for the handsome Italian.
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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bit of this
Whippet donned a cloak of dew silver dew drops from nose to tail curtsey of the long grasses. I had wet trousers.

Mr Tesco has given me 10 tiny sachets of Kenco coffee. 

I am so cross at not being able to open the churchyard gate again. I find the strength in my arms to clamber up and over the wall. I am only lucky I am not one of the olderies who have dragged up the hill to say Hello to harry and wanting a rest on Andrews bench before heading for home again. I am secretly chuffed I can still leggit over a wall.
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                                               Life is
                                              best viewed
                                              boxes I

Monday, 15 June 2009


Bit of this
I am glad I made time to stand and stare at the tall red heads in next doors garden, for by lunch time the whole lot have been beheaded by wind and rain.

As I punch it in I think, Oh bugger this is a mobile number. 2 minutes into the conversation I don't care. He is knowledgeable and passionate about his job and we go off at a tangent. I come off the phone inspired and fired. What a piece of luck.

Man about the house says "come and look". The boy has come up with an old push bike to dismantle for bits. I gape. He got it from the blonds dad and it is a state of the art beast.  M A H can't believe his luck especially as full suspension is a desired feature in advancing years. It will replace the old bone shaker. (and I ponder, for this paints a graphic picture of the man I have yet to meet).
Bit of that
Surface tension  Result of face-lift

Sunday, 14 June 2009

roses and bees

Bit of this
She hands me a bunch of roses from her garden. I plonk them in a jug and they are so beautiful even with my lack of flower arranging skills they could be straight from Home and Garden. 

I am delighted to discover there is a rose called Rambling Rector.

The church is open as well as the gardens. I sit ready to have a word to who ever might be listening. Then I get stung on the bottom by a bee! Unfortunately the poor bee came off worst, quite squashed.
Bit of that

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Displacement,and a beautiful place

Bit of this
I am up and at 'em by 6.15am. For once man about the house is not stresses out by my laid back approach. As we are already rolling.

I realize about midday, that against my instincts this mega jaunt was just the thing to keep me looking forward and not dipping into memories, that today would  probably have been more poignant than tomorrow will be. 

The pit-stop appeared as I was about to drop. Sharing the driving makes it easer and the story tape eats up the hours. When we enter the valley I am transfixed. Neither of us speak as we drink in the beauty. It is so peaceful. Just the odd bit of traffic and no airplane noise. The sun shines and I watch cloud shadows move over hills. Warm smooth slate, disused mine buildings to explore, sitting by the river that feeds the reservoirs eating lunch, watching the red kites look for theirs. Then the unexpected discovery of Shelley's statue. Topped off with lemon meringue pie. (Memories of you alive today curl around the day, clinging on until you had been to the school fete, tomorrow all that's left are the fragments that your unconscious body surrenders).
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Friday, 12 June 2009

Birdsong,pink, and boiled

Bit of this
A blackbird and a thrush sit at the top of fir trees, next to each other, signing the morning in.

Petit and pink she even has pink cushions inside, and pink panther stuck on the dashboard. Of course there are the pink fluffy dice and the sticker that says I love my mini. So do I.

Soft drippy boiled egg and bread and butter. Comfort food just what I needed.
Bit of that       
Logic: a systematic method of confidently reaching the wrong conclusion. 

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Squarks,bells and barges

Bit of this
Squawk of the jackdaw as the food hits the ground. He has swooped down for breakfast before I've walked back into the house.

She calls from a barge,"come over and have a look". So all 20 of us do. I am enchanted, neat and sweet like a large dolls house. There is even has a small freezer stashed under a seat. All the children spot the biscuit jar, and no one falls in getting on and off. She tells us this is their home as they sold their house to pay for it. I love the name that's painted on the side. 

Walking up a narrow walled alleyway, the tingle of a bell makes me turn just in time to dodge a hoodie on a bicycle. I say "thanks I appreciate that", when he has got over the shock he turns and grumps "no problem". It keeps me smiling all afternoon. And I am grateful I have lost count of the near misses I've encountered due to failing 'earing.
Bit of that

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Bit of this
Cream cheese oozing from toasted bagel with a hint of pink smoked salmon.

She is looking up, at 2 trees in her trolly at the check out, with a huge smile on her face. 
Tall grasses, nettles and an over hanging branch are the entrance to a tiny magical world. A place to come and throw worries imagining them disappearing down steam. Blue rope strung from a branch hangs over the water. Walking against the current around the bend and feeling the pull, absorbing sounds of water and stones underfoot that seems to block out all else. 
Bit of that
Me and the radio have a companionable hour whilst I get tea listening to a profile on Roald Dalh. 

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

visits and strawberry

Bit of this
The children tell me that I missed buttercup the tortoise who visited yesterday. And in winter he lives in the fridge. I am going to request a revisit.

Her instructions are spot on. I arrive without getting lost once.

First strawberry from the garden. Small and sweet and good to eat.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Seedings, saving time and spending it

Bit of this
Seedlings or weedlings? Seedlings! 

She still lives by the clock. "I shall do me ironing at 11 o clock". I glance at her neatly folded pile. Even at the pinnacle of my domestic goddess phase I never ever iron knickers, tea towels and dusters! In fact I don't get the iron out from 1 month to the next sometimes. Just think how much time I will have saved if I live to be 91!

I spend it reading mostly. My new book is claustrophobic like a well crafted cage, I carry the atmosphere around, so another runs alongside. 
Bit of that
The cellist of Sarajevo fiction based on fact. It has the unexpected bonus of making me count my blessings.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Somewhere dfferent

Bit of this
We leave the rain behind and unexpectedly arrive in sunshine. The forecast is dire for the weekend, so we whip out the barbecue and relax while the goings good. And despite the weather man the sun continues to shine on us.

Lupins and pink roses pretty up the toy town station. Man about camper van heads off over a piece of waste ground. I'm well-aware that this is wrong but am a sod for looking behind things. I want to see what's under the arches. So I keep quiet, turning to see that half the train has followed. I'm always amazed at the fact people follow the apparently confident (or plain bad temper on this occasion)  when unsure. A mugs game I have discovered and now so have they!

Our unfailing ability to get lost means we always wander where the commercial blends and disappears into the bare bones of the a place. Often walking miles off the beaten track. The gem of the day is stumbled across as we walk through iron gates. For me time stops. I follow paths through tall grasses and wild flowers. I am now hunting for tokens of love and loss with the camera. There is a tribute to a free mason complete with carved secret symbols, often words have worn away over time, some times they leap out with unexpected expressions. The simple rub shoulder with elaborate. Most impressive of these is a tall angel dedicated to someone's affianced. And then I see her hidden between trees. I try to capture expression,curve, folds and texture the craftsman has hewn to create her. I am so long that man about camper-van is forced to find a bench and later I find him reading. I have been in heaven and I like to think so have they. 
Bit of that
A near imperceptible alteration to the networks now much reduced services.                

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A space, shooshes and chimes

Bit of this
I manage to get a parking place , I am late but then so is everybody else. The M40 is still snarled up hours later.

Shooshes blow around the dinner hall startling me and stopping the children mid munch. Chief shoosher knows how to throw her voice around on account of her opera skills. No wonder he pleaded with me to stay.

Delicate chiming notes follow the wind through the hedge.
Bit of that

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Day, driving and welcome

Bit of this
Sharp air, cloudless sky with wind that conjures up the promise of a dragons breath of a day. 

5 year old girl expertly driving a go cart with the book in one hand, she has been clutching the entire morning, pushed by a mate. They have a milk crate on the back. "This is my map it shows me where to go". It's better than a mobile phone I suppose. I don't quibble about road safety, but I do wonder as things have become bonkers in education wether the school inspector might.

The night time digs must have finished. They have excavated a village complex under the light moon. The arcish bound as it scoots to the front door is the first sign of life that I have seen. Welcome I whisper. I hope they did their research this is a popular dog walk, the children hang out by the stream, and one of the entrances is so exposed if you have your eye in. Even so I am delighted to have the badger family move into our neighborhood, but will the estate owner I wonder?
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Monday, 1 June 2009

Colors of the day

Bit of this
I can almost hear whippet groan when he flops down with a bored expression. I have seen a dazzle of damselflies. There is something hypnotic about the colors, dashes of iridescent blue and gold zooming over the nettles. Out comes the hand bag camera and I am away with the fairies. 

Mrs T is struggling, I know because of her color and the fact she does not tick me off when I whizz around her work tops with the vim, saying "I can do those leave me something to do". I think what would cheer me up, sparkly things. So I apply much elbow grease to all the silver bits I can find. She cheers up during the morning and has enough energy to rant about the state of the world, I leave her writing a long letter waiting for her dinner to cook and listening to pop music.

I see a red elastic band and forgive the postie on account of unfailing cheerfulness and kindlyness to old age pensioners.
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