Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Bit of this
Straight off the school bus nose straight into his library book. He nearly walks straight into me.

She is 95, her grand mother made her mother a lace veil for her wedding, embroidering name and date. The veil has been used ever since for marriages and christenings even if the younger members would rather a more trendy arrangement. After use it goes to The Royal College Of Needle work to be cleaned and carefully packed ready for the next outing.

"They are beautiful" he says dropping 6 fushia heads into my hand. "They smell beautiful". We examine their color and fragility and lay them in a line. He beams from a tear stained face for the first time that day. I breath a sigh of relief that he showed his treasures to me not Mrs A, who takes a dim view of such exploration and sees it as vandalism.
Bit of that
Of all the things you wear your expression is the most important.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bit of this
Trickle. Not a word I come across much. It has a musical ring in the saying of it.

Being spaced out worked to my advantage. The inability to set cooker timer correctly gave me an unexpected hour of gardening.

Whippet put himself to bed with a guilty look, as I walked in. He had been in the bin. Mind you the fact black cat was munching a dead bird added to his unease. Wise decision to scar-per.
Bit of that
Not quite as good as a book but the next best thing.
Sometimes I have a go at my own bit of expressionism via the camera.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Bit of this
What a well brought up car driver. He stopped in the middle of a busy round about at rush hour to make way for a police car. Our chap in blue is so shocked he does not budge. The everso courteous beckons encouragingly. Policeman's mate who is right behind is so gob smacked that he fails to take immediate advantage all the car driver can offer is to doff his cap as he continues around the round about. This has me tittering in astonishment for the rest of the journey.

"Do you wear a nappy?" he asks "I do".

We can't believe our luck. The smoke alarm remains silent in spite of a smoke filled kitchen. Whoops five minutes latter everyone is nicely lined up on the playground and I am legging it up to explain and apologize. The lady in the office fails to forgive as we have caught her out. She has no nicely laminated registers for us to tick. This provides much mirth in our unit as almost daily she rings berating the inefficient delivery through cyber space of our register. That never happened in the good old days, pen and paper was much simpler and in the event of fire alarms jumping to attention we had a copy of our own.
Bit of that