Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bit of this
Bless her heart. Displaying devotion to duty she comes in clutching a list of Hungarian words. The little lad eyes her warily, but mum says "very good". As long as we get the word toilet sorted all will be well.

The NQT is chuffed and so she should be. One of our 4 year olds requested a camera and some envelops and went into the garden. Then asked his mum to print out the 4 pictures he had taken. He placed 1 photo in each envelope and strategically placed them. Hey presto one treasure hunt for his mother each envelop held a clue to the next clue and then to treasure. He had recreated the fun and games on the last day of term.

He is trundling his luggage and clutching a large mug of tea to the car. We exchange a bleary eyed good morning.
Bit of that