Monday, 19 January 2009


Bit of this
Wake up at 5.30, realize it is raining, dog and cat join our morning cuppa. Whippet snuggles between us. The cats throaty purr vibrates through my body as she slides into her most relaxed pose. We lay cheek by cheek.

Feel pleased to have created order from the chaos of my trail of books and paper, every scrap precious. books I want to track down, things that have grabbed my attention ready to Google, and words that have chimed into my consciousness as I live the day. Of course on closer inspection I realize I have just re-arranged the piles!  

Delicious home made sweet potato soup, with nan bread and smooth silky yogurt.

Bit of that
Turn off the television. Don't read the news paper. It's all full of what went wrong yesterday.
(Betty Williams PEACE, 1976) 

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