Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The need to be creative

Bit of this
Someone has been very inventive with white spray paint, I have a square and a pleasing curvy line right outside my front door. As I walk around the village it is a discovery of interesting works of art denoting 'oles the council have to fill.

As I watched 2 men board up yet another shop, I rather hoped local youth would come along and be creative with some colorful graffiti.

The concentration in learning to knit on 4 needles is huge, why I ever thought sox could be accomplished when I cannot do the simplest of jigsaw puzzles! June has spent half an hour being utterly patient, I feel she will be crying with exasperation before me, bless her. What with that and the huge learning curve required now I have discovered all these wonderful things on the internet, I realized to my horror I had created 3 blogs in my attempt to get this one started. I do wish I had a friendly teenager who could demystify the computer.

Bit of that

If you see an unattended bag - go up and talk to her. (The graffiti file)
I love it I should have similar emblazon on chest!

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