Sunday, 8 February 2009

Dog drink and displacement

Bit of this
A bonus of the dog's insomnia, is I seem to have evicted all the indoor slugs. They have the sense only to come out and play in the dark. But where are they in the day? Following silver trails suggests under the stairs.

I am keeping the dog company again and hear a commotion. Son is rolled home by 2 very young men unable to stand. Conscious of my state of undress under flimsy dressing-gown, I go out and roll him in. Man about house is disturbed, puts him to bed. I stand by his bed side and silently pour all the love I have, weaving an imaginary cloak to protect him. But the thing that really helped him tonight from hypothermia was the kindness of 2 lads.

Standing under a comforting shower, I contemplate church. But am unable to face the prospect of being, 1 of a few. And am too late to hit town anonymity. Inspiration hits, I will nip and see a neighbor to ask if she would like me to get Library books for her, as she has had a fall. Books are not required, but she introduces me to her Hoover. A giant of an upright job. What she really needs is a Mrs Mop. I will do it but bring my own Hoover. She rushes me to cleaning cupboard and shows me feather dusters, while trying to stamp on an unfortunate spider. I quickly scoop it up. Walking home I reflect I can save her spiders even if my womanly talents can do little for son. And I can look forward to reacquainting myself with feathers???! Displacement is a wonderful thing!

Bit of that
It is forbidden to throw tantrums on the line.
(Pimlico underground station)

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