Monday, 23 February 2009

Some are in bed others size the day

Bit of this
The sheep were still in bed, all huddled together in a corner, cream oval blobs with black triangular faces. 

Donning my Monday Mrs Mop hat, changes me from my usual sauntering Susan into speedy gonzalas, I have soup bubbling on the hob by 9 o clock, do Mrs T cleaning and hoover the car all before lunch. 

Next door is mildly put out. The council have failed to fill all holes along her wall. Man about house says nothing as we gaze at the neat job done on ours. Days later I find out, none of our boundary had been creatively marked with spray paint, rather he had spotted their error! and nipped into town for his own can. Hey presto.

Bit of that
Take a minute to do the Stroop test
It only takes a jiffy less your fuddled like me!

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