Wednesday, 25 February 2009

William Morris and walks

Bit of this
Hordes of green jumpered teenagers everyone complete with clip board walk purposefully by the industrial estate roundabout. Why? 

Beautiful subtly lit medieval church. William Morris touches everywhere. Enthusiastic Bob has even put on music to increase the atmosphere as he directs builders lights revealing surprises of vibrant color and details, wetting the appetite for a return daytime visit.

Pictures in the night. Windows frame vignettes, plain vase silhouetted against curtains, an old fashioned standard lamp, complete with large tasseled lampshade reminding me of a hat fit for ladies day at Ascot, leaning at a jaunty angle. The walk becomes a stroll around a street gallery.

Bit of that
The secret of true happiness
lies in taking a genuine interest
in all details of daily life.
(William Morris) 

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  1. Walking around at night glimpsing people's living rooms lit up is one of my favourite things I don't talk about because it sounds sinister!!