Monday, 6 April 2009

Relief and kindness

Bit of this
I hear traffic in the distance and involuntarily sigh, feeling light headed not to be part of the rush hour this morning.

I catch the post lady who is checking in on Mrs T, and ask if my chunky letter will be penalized for it's bulk. No bother she say's I will just wack another stamp on and take it for you.

I am by the brook and suddenly have a yen to watch Wind In The Willows. It's the month, the light, the smells, that have struck a chord. Good friend V had hot footed round to greet Andrew and I on our return from our first hospital stay bringing it with her. We watched it over and over. It was April and the sun was streaming through the window creating light and dark pools on the floor. Feeling relief at being home after the shock of the diagnosis. I don't feel a bit guilty about this bit of day time telly indulgence. I sit with my memories and my knitting. 

Bit of that

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