Saturday, 30 May 2009

Black birds and a black tea shirted boy

Bit of this
He has a chops full of squirming worms, I move patches to give him freshly turned earth to scratch about in at leisure. Turning around I find he has followed me still bent on cramming more into his orange beak.

He gets greedy and invites himself into my leanto to help himself to bird mix from the large bowl. I close my eyes and hold my breath while he frantically bangs against the window, managing to flick it open provides an escape route.

He gets out of the car and waits for me. Tight jeans black tea-shirt and gelled hair. We walk down the road and he veers into the pub. All Andrews friends make time to chat to me and I silently bless them.
Bit of that
Spin or just more ways to waste time!


  1. Thanks for visiting...
    So I return a look, a peek inside
    your world and think,
    I like your style.

    See you around, be well