Thursday, 21 January 2010

Bit of this
A large dinosaur is pacing up and down outside the Early Learning Center guarding the door.

Oh dear all the towels in the wash at work have turned a lovely pale blue.

The Perfect Present at Croperdy is in a state of excitement. They are learning to be post mistresses. I swear because had I known I would have avoided the wait at the main office in town. I make way for the lady behind who seems on a mission. Well how interesting. She is posting research on the history of eighteenth century garden plants to the National Trust. She is anxious that it does not go astray. I add that the shop is making it's own history, and am told someone who is researching the history of post offices is due to arrive for a chat, and is blowing in from Reading. This all sort of ties in with my latest library find today, The Error World by Simon Garfield about an affair with stamps.
Bit of that

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