Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Bit of this
Mixed feeling joy and embarrassment. Not another day off because of the weather. We are the 1st school in Oxfordshire to make a decision.

The mirror reflects lips that match the scarf and throw. Brr, I know that I will appreciate the click of the central heating when whippet and I return from our ramble.

He plods up the track though the snow. There is the outline of shoes with long square toes in his bag. I throw out a comment as is my want. (Well it's rude to ignore someone when you pass with a foot and your the only 2 people about). He answers me with a smile, and mutters something that I take to be in Polish. Thats 2 spotted this week.
Bit of that
Turn off the T.V. Don't read the newspapers. Its full of what went wrong yesterday.
Betty Willaim 1976
Now of course we get it news the millisecond it's happened.

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