Saturday, 7 February 2009

Joy and grief

A bit of this
MY eyes are dazzled and I have a WOW moment as I open the curtains. Bright sunshine, seaside blue sky and thin delicate icicles drip from the low roof. Convinced, I want to rush out and play them, they will surely magic a pure sound.

Black Lab bouncing against bright snow. Joy personified.

The receptionist at the Vets has her grief counseling hat on. Providing a steadying hand and a kind word at a difficult time. Nothing is too much for her. They even have a book of remembrance I discover, where picture and poems can be placed. Whippet sensing others trauma heads smartly for the door, practically skipping to the car.

Bit of that
Make magic not tea.
Strood  (Graffiti file) 
Why is it in moments of stress we always put kettle on? 

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  1. loved the poetic content, hope the tea was good. No mention of snowdrops, but they are there. As the season moves on we will move on. But will remember everything