Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Another diamond day

Bit of this
A flash of gold, a robin darts ahead as low morning sun paints his wings.

They come  full of energy, soon finding things to engage in. A small boy is exploring the globe. "where is Wales" and "why does it spin".  I am spinning with delight being back amongst their curiosity and enthusiasm. 

Some children and I plant potatoes. I go home and plant potatoes. I don't have weeds in my garden I have clouds of blue forget-me-nots. I also have a crisis every time I want to plant something new. I need to make space. This time I plant spuds and re-plant for-get-me-nots on top. 

Bit of that


  1. It's an amazing year for forget-me-nots, Their blue clouds are everywhere!

  2. I dig the seedlings up in the autumn and squeeze them into every available piece of ground.