Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Fragile and tenacious, pink cardboard feet

Bit of this
2 ladies knock. magazine clutching, Jehovah witness. I tell them I follow my own star. They are so friendly, we chat about everything but their mission. One whips out her camera and takes a photo of a dandelion that is fighting for sunlight by pushing up though the join in between the new tar mac and the old. Amazing strength and persistance from something so fragile. I think it a good analogy for them.

He does every thing with his toes and is busy with small lego bricks.

The poster caught my eye. And I discover a hive of activity at Age Concern. We discuss whether I have the bottle to become a soul mate volunteer. She shows me the tools of the trade. And pink cardboard feet that are training aids. I practice. I am not very good!  
Bit of that


  1. What an interesting project. The dandelion is a great symbol.
    I admire the courage and tenacity of the JWs. My late husband always used to invite them in for theological debate. I invite them in for coffee provided there is no talk of theology!

  2. I love the idea of using creativity to sooth wounds, mental or physical. My son benefited from music therapy. Agree about giving deep and meaningful debates a miss!