Friday, 24 July 2009

He does his best to no avail

Bit of this
B T really does excel at inefficiency. When I finally manage to get through her with the syrupy voice tells me "this service is not available at the moment". Well that's one way to avoid dealing with wingers like me who have faulty telephones I suppose. I am so astonished by this that I now have a sick grin on my face

It only takes me half an hour to get to India. But bless his heart he tries his very best. Helping me follow telephone wire back to it's important little place. Coming upstairs with me while I find relevant bits and eventually assuring me that he will find someone else who can help. I am not hopeful but appreciate his effort. She can only offer a hundred and twenty five quid man that possibly can, if I am prepared to throw in a few more pounds he may even fix it.

I unplug the dam phone, grab the dogs lead, and call for a mate to come out to play. Silently praying the said phone hasn't been costing me mega bucks as it has insisted it has busy for hours.
Bit of that
Not getting anywhere fast

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