Thursday, 23 July 2009

3 unexpected things

Bit of this
The shop is called 2nd of May Serendipity, and is packed full of nick knacks and tales of mysterious doings. Evidence of previous owners from another time.

You don't expect to see a double bass busking, it's supporters were a guitar and an excellent fiddle. I can only think they were there in the back of beyond out of boredom. Surely no money would be made.

Excitement outside the pub. Much skipping, waving of hankies, bowing, energetic jumping, banging of sticks and bouncing of bells. The Morris men leapt about for all they were worth for a whole hour. Good job they had brought there own groupies as the locals were very thin on the ground.
Bit of that

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  1. Our - I think it was biology teacher was a Morris Man & he danced from our residential holiday centre to the beach ..... what was putting a spring in his step was shagging the history teacher in the basement of the said residential centre - where there were discovered by a pupil with insomnia - & it all kicked off when we got home. Although the two teachers later divorced their spouses & got married to each other.
    I can still picture him stamping & twirling & clapping down the road, thinking "how embarrasing" & later on "How could she - with a Morris Man".